Media praise for Java Cryptography

"Eventhough a new edition is desireable, 'Java Cryptography'still stands alone as the best book available on this topic."
--Thomas Paul,, April 2001

"A good resource for information on signing code and the nature of digital signatures is 'Java Cryptography' by Jonathan Knudsen."
--Patrick Sean Neville, Java Developer's Journal, January 2000

"You can read a whole chapter, very well-written, on random number generation in Java in the excellent book 'Java Cryptography' by Jonathan Knudsen. Highly recommended. When this one came in I sat down and read it straight through, first."
--Bliss Sloan, OnTheNet Forum, AOL, June 1998

"Anybody writing Java programs, particularly for use in a networked environment, needs to be concerned about the safety of the data those programs sling about. 'Java Cryptography' explores the programming involved in two important aspects of security: encryption and decryption. Read this book if you're an experienced Java hand with a need to implement cipherware."
--David Wall,, July 1998

" 'Java Cryptography' teaches you how to write secure programs using Java's cryptographic tools. It thoroughly discusses the Java security package and the Java Cryptography Extensions (JCE), showing you how to use security providers and even how to implement your own provider. If you work with sensitive data, you'll find this indispensable."

"This recommended book takes a comprehensive look at the three pillars of computer security —confidentiality, integrity, and authentication and how they are addressed in the science of cryptography in the Java API."
--Dr. Adrian Rossi, Computer Bulletin,Nov 1998

" 'Java Cryptography', by Jonathan Knudsen, delivers the goods on cryptography, a complicated topic, but well explored in this book's 300-plus pages. In fact, if you're working with a product that includes cryptographic solutions, this book is an absolute must.… can't recommend this bbook highly enough for developers who need to understand cryptography. The topic matter is broad and difficult to understand on your own, mostly because so many issues, such as keys, certificates, encryption, and authentication, are so interrelated. 'Java Cryptography' cuts through the fog and presents the reader with a logical progression and explanation of the important issues surrounding this sometimes confusing technological realm."
--Claude Duguay, DevX, JavaZone December 1998

" 'Java in Cryptography' impressed me right off the bat. I read a lot of security books (and even tech edit them on occasion). The first couple of pages of this book have the clearest, easiest to understand section on general security principals I've ever seen... Overall, a good book and one that fills a niche nicely. I'd recommend it if you are doing cryptography in Java."
--Billy Barron,