Media praise for Hydrocephalus: A Guide for Patients, Families & Friends

"Toporek, a medical editor, and wife Robinson, a writer and hydrocephalus patient, fill a void of information on hydrocephalus (water on the brain) for the lay reader. Highly recommended for public and academic libraries." --Library Journal, June 15, 1999

"I found [this book] to be most informative. Something like this is desperately needed for families. It appears to cover essentially all of the issues that the patient's family and friends will face. The language is very comforting." --Marion L. Walker, M.D., F.A.C.S., Professor and Chairman, Division of Pediatric Neurosurgery, University of Utah, Primary Children's Medical Center

"We highly recommend this sensitively written book that does much to dispel the myths about hydrocephalus, providing the reader with in-depth information and a wealth of resources." --Emily S. Fudge, Executive Director, Hydrocephalus Association, San Francisco, California

"This book talks directly to the hydrocephalic, parents of a child who will be born, or has been born with hydrocephalus and 99 percent in layman terms. It's easy to understand and can be used as a good reference book/manual. The book contains so much more information than we have ever been informed about previously. It takes away that feeling of being out of control, and also so misinformed, being unable to find answers to your questions. This book makes it so the patient doesn't feel so inadequate." --Debbi Fields, Executive Director, National Hydrocephalus Foundation, Lakewood, California

"I am truly thrilled with the accomplishment of Ms. Robinson and Mr. Toporek. They truly have done a tremendous job in this Guide. Overall, the book is well-written, and should be easily read for those whom it is directed." --Greg Tocco, Executive Director, Founder Hydrocephalus Foundation, Inc. (HyFI), Saugus, Massachusetts

"I think the book is great! I am amazed at the wealth of information in it. I hated to let it go. This is a terrific Guide for those who need to find out about everything that hydrocephalus involves, or could involve." --Lynn M. Power, Hydrocephalus patient and 1995 recipient of the Gerald Fudge Scholarship, awarded by the Hydrocephalus Association

"This book is wonderful! I wish I would have had something like this when Michael was diagnosed with hydrocephalus seven years ago." --Chris Riccio, parent and active member of the New York/New Jersey Hydrocephalus Support Group

"Bravo!! [Chuck and Kellie] have done a masterful job of combining the technical information and the personal aspects of hydrocephalus. Their work is very inclusive of all aspects of this complex disorder, and they have made it very accessible and readable for everyone." --Sue Lehr, Ph.D.

"The book is a great resource full of alot of helpful info--the parts that really kept me glued were all the antedotes from patients and families. It's always so good to know there are others out there.... I will be sure to mention the book to our NS's office. It would be incredibly helpful to many, expecially newly dx'd." --Betsy Conyard, mom to Mary 5 (hydro) & Chip 15 months

"My husband has had a shunt since the age of three years. He will be going through his first shunt revision at the age of thirty-five. This is the first time I have had to deal with this kind of surgery. Although he is frightened, I think I'm a little bit more frightened than he is. This book was checked out through our local library and has been a god send. Now I feel a bit more confident about the procedure. They explained it so well and with words that I could understand. I am going to buy the book so I'll have something to refer to when I have questions. Thank you for a wonderful book!" --Gayle Crowe

"The Unofficial Hydro Handbook...A Must Read for Families Kellie and Chuck have pursued and completed a wonderful project for patients and families who deal with hydrocephalus. Written not by medical professionals (though editing and consulting have been appropriately included) but by common folks whose lives have been impacted by hydro. The same questions, concerns, fears, and symptoms that occur to everyone impacted by hydrocephalus are addressed in easy to understand (and relate to) terms. Of particular interest are the personal accounts that pepper all sections of the book. You can almost see yourself in the various quotes and questions gathered from patients and family. You definitely will see there are others in your position. The important topic of support is also well addressed. In conclusion, this is a breakthrough writing for hydro patients and families. To my knowledge, this may be the first book on hydro written for patients and families, not medical practitioners. In libraries and bookstores there are dozens of books on cancer, heart disease, and other more common diseases. This is understandable, but I have found none on hydrocephalus and I needed a resource. Kellie and Chuck's book on hydro was the first I have found and it is available on Amazon. I highly recommend it to individuals, family, and friends who are impacted by hydrocephalus. Don't leave for the doctor's office without it!" from Ohio, USA, May 24, 1999 (*****)

"What an honor to get an e-mail from the co-authors of my new all-time favorite book. I have ordered another four copies of your book. One for my family to share, one for Joey's school's parent lending library (and for his teacher and school nurse to read), one for the 12th floor (neurological floor) at St. Louis Children's Hospital and one for the NICU at St. Louis Childen's Hospital (where Joey spent 7 weeks after he was born). I especially want the NICU to have a copy so that they can share it with families of newly diagnosed children with hydrocephalus. I wish this book would have been available when Joey was diagnosed, it would have helped tremendously.

"I have to also tell you that when I showed the book to my brother-in-law (who is a physician), he asked me if it was a second-hand book. I told him no that it was 'hot off the press,' but that in the short week that I have had the book I have thumbed through it so many times and earmarked so many pages that it already looks like a book that has spent many years in a library. I may have to order myself another copy before too long.

"Thank you again, you both have my (and Joey's) eternal gratitude for taking the time and effort to write this book. God bless you both." --Julie Kern, Freeburg, Illinois

"This book is Gold, a real Treasure. I picked up this book one morning and did not stop reading until that evening when I was finished. It was so easy to read and so informative that I could not put it down. Since then it has helped me with many decisions in dealing with my daughter's medical situation.

"This book explains hydrocephalus completely and clearly while giving suggestions about many aspects of receiving the best medical care possible including how to talk to your neurosurgeons, what symptoms to watch for and how your medical system affects the kind of care you can expect. The sections on hospitalizations, shunt revisions and side effects offered information that I had not received anywhere else. I also made many new connections with others dealing with this condition through the appendixes in this book.

"Buy this book and be informed! I am now passing it around to all my family members and friends so that they can finally understand what hydrocephalus is all about. I will continue to treasure this resource in the years to come as a reference and means of support when it is most needed." --Christine Gaitens