Media praise for PalmPilot: The Ultimate Guide

"I'm so excited I can barely speak. So today I'm flipping through the mail, and I see the new O'Reilly Reseller. Cool! A nice break from the usual drudgery of my day. I start flipping through the pages when I see something catch my eye: A PalmPilot book!!!!!!

"I've been lusting over PalmPilots recently. Part of me thinks that I don't *really* need one, that it's just a glorified address book. But something keeps drawing me back to them--I think it's because they're really really cool--they're backlit, they run on cheap batteries, and there's a whole slew of grassroots developers creating clever little apps for it. And they're tiny little apps, so they only take a few seconds to download off the Internet. It's a PDA you can almost feel patriotic about.

"And if O'Reilly is publishing a book on the PalmPilot, well, now I just HAVE to go out and get one.

"And even better--this book is written by David Pogue! I *adore* David Pogue. David Pogue is one of my all-time favorite writers--he just happens to write computer books. He's mostly known for his Macintosh books, although he is a jack of all trades. I often read his huge 1500 page tome
Mac Secrets in bed at night--it's that good.

"O'Reilly, a PalmPilot book, and David Pogue. I want to weep. Thank you. Please pass my jubilance on to others." --Karen Reichstein, Buyer, Powell's Tech Books, Portland, Oregon

"Pogue's book is certainly the best available at the moment. Complete with a CD of 750 PalmPilot programs, there is little which a beginner would want to know that is not contained within its many pages. Indeed, with such a rare level of insight in so many of its chapters, there will be a number of veteran Piloteers who could benefit from a browse." --Piloteer Magazine

"David Pogue's The Ultimate Guide has... almost everything you want to know about your PalmPilot and the available applications can be found in this book explained in reader-friendly terms. In its 489 pages you will find information on how to fully utilise all the functions that your PalmPilot is capable of performing.

The author takes a detailed look into all the basic applications of the PalmPilots while pointing out the hidden functions and shortcuts specific to each individual app. Furthermore, Pogue also lets on to tips that can enhance your applications - e.g. hacks to replace the original functions, or to enhance them.

To increase time and cost effectiveness for many users, a CD-Rom included with the book lists, illustrates, describes, and provide actual software for over 900 programmes which you can use on your PalmPilots. There are also lists and comments on cyber locations where you can find more PalmPilot such as newsgroups, newletters, sites, shopping sites, magazines, etc.

Aside from the serious stuff, this book also lets you know where you can find the Easter Eggs buried in your PalmPilots. (Easter eggs are screen surprises which appear when you perform some incredibly improbable keystrokes). For example - did you know you can summon Shelldon, the palm tree mascot of Palm Computing, to dance for you with a few simple taps? This is only one example of the various surprises that you can look up.

The content of the book is complete and concise and covers all three generations of Palm OS palmtops making the book just as useful if you own a Pilot 1000, Palm Personal, Palm III, or OEM models such as the WorkPad. Pogue takes effort to include useful information for each different platform that the reader might be using. The book is also written in such a way that the reader should have no problem understanding it even if he/she is not entirely literate in computing terms. Experienced users may find the rhetoric too simple at parts but this should be taken as a plus point for beginners. The CD-ROM is compatible with PC and MAC so should not be a barrier if you are indeed a MAC-user. Of course, the book will not include the latest news but with the library of sources listed in the book, you should have no trouble finding where you can stay updated.

Order your copy from the O'Reilly homepage. You can also download and read Chap 1 of the book from the homepage. If you are a non-US Residents and are interested in obtaining this book, send us a note so that we can inform the publishers."