Media praise for UNIX in a Nutshell

"'Unix in a Nutshell' is both a concise yet exhaustive reference to the Unix environment. The book manages this feat, without overwhelming the reader, by being extremely well organized and designed...a comprehensive reference that will become increasingly indispensable as the Unix environment is explored."
--Wayne Graham, Williamsburg Macromedia User's Group, Feb 2003

"Filled from cover to cover with clear instructions, sample code, and just about everything even the most novice, beginning Unix programmer needs to get started--or that the advanced Unix programmer may need to look up."--Bookwatch, March 2003

"best-of-class..."--Ric Getter, MacDirectory

Best of 2001: Customers' Picks,

"Best of 2001: Computing & Internet"

"'Unix in a Nutshell' is the standard desktop reference, without question (Manpages come in a close second). With clean layout and superior command tables available at a glance, O'Reilly's third edition of 'Nutshell' is an essential to own. Like a dictionary, 'Unix in a Nutshell' helps you find what you need, even if you're not exactly sure what it is you're looking for (or how to spell it!)...even the most seasoned user is likely to find a timesaving command not previously known."
--Jennifer Buckendorff,

"I know enough about UNIX to just get around. This book is the crutch that I use to make it seem like I know UNIX. My experience is that this book is far more often right than man pages. I see this book on about every other bookshelf at any UNIX shop I work in"
--trailboss,, Jan 2000

"It's an excellent Unix command dictionary."
--SLUG Reviews, May 2000

"System administrators should consider buying a copy of
UNIX in a Nutshell...for each one of their users. The investment will repay itself very quickly in saved time and hassle.
--Richard Morin, SunExpert, April 1994

"Whether you are setting up your first Unix system or adding your fiftieth user, these books can ease you through learning the fundamentals of the Unix system."
--Michael J. O'Brien, Hardware Editor, ABA/Unix/group Newsletter

"A very handy desktop reference to have...faster...than search[ing] through pages of man references...this should be a valuable and handy guide."
--Rob Slade,, 1994

"Unix in a Nutshell is the standard desktop reference, without question. (Man pages come in a close second.) With a clean layout and superior command tables available at a glance, O'Reilly's third edition of Nutshell is an essential to own."
--David Wall and Teri Kieffer, AMAZON.COM DELIVERS Computer Networking & Operating Systems, March 13, 2001

"I have seen several quick-reference books for Unix, but none of them has stayed near my desk for long. UNIX in a Nutshell, however, will be chained to the desk and hooked to an alarm. It is an amazing book that provides summaries of command-line arguments and internal syntax for a host of Unix utilities."
--Richard Morin, UNIX Review, August 1993