Media praise for DAO Object Model: The Definitive Reference

"Another high quality book from O'Reilly that lives up to its nameethis book is excellent."--John Newbury HP/Works PING, Sept 2000

"An excellent resource and reference booklnow that we have Helen Feddema's book, working with DAO can be practically painless. DAO Object Model: The Definitive Reference is just one on a long list of competent technical books to Feddema's credit-that's the first reason you should buy this book. The second reason is that it's an O'Reilly book-of which I've yet to find a bad one. The third reason requires that you actually open the book and read it. You'll find an accurate reference tool for working with the DAO object model and Access data, both from within Access and from other Office applications." --Susan Sales Harkins,, July 2000

"The writing style is crisp and economical yet complete and readily understandable. In tricky places, text is well supplemented with practical examples. Though a fair working knowledge of VBA is required to get the most out of this volume, it can be picked up and used by programmers at any level of experience, and should serve as a useful long-term distillation of what you need to know to personalize Microsoft applications effectively. --Wilf Hey,, March 2000

"This concise desktop reference contains a lot of code examples in VBS and VBA, not just for Access, but for the entire integrated Office environment." , Feb 2000