Media praise for Oracle Security

"Oracle Security is a book that needed to be written. Oracle has always been known as the most secure database, but many DBAs -- and most developers and managers -- have never implemented strong, flexible security policies in their own databases and applications. When those databases were in controlled corporate environments with limited or nonexistent outside access, that laissez-faire attitude towards security might have sufficed. However, as more and more companies place mission-critical, database-driven applications on the Web, the importance of building secure databases increases exponentially.

"Would you feel safe entering your personal financial information in a web-based application providing the same level of security you built into your last database or application? Probably not. But I'll bet you'll be more comfortable with the security of your next system after you read this book. Here you'll find everything you need to know about security features in Oracle and how they can be used to implement secure and auditable databases and applications." -- Tony Ziemba, Chief Technology Officer, CKO, Inc. and Editor of
Oracle Developer

"Those of us who have attended Marlene's presentations or read her articles know what to expect: a thorough and well-researched effort with a focus on real-world issues. This book provides immediately useful information along with enough background to properly implement the procedures and interpret the results. The book covers not only the technical processes, but also the management and cultural processes needed to effectively implement security. If you have a question regarding any aspect of the implementation of Oracle security, you'll find the answer in this book." -- Kevin Loney, Author of ORACLE8 DBA Handbook