Media praise for Java RMI

"Solid practical insight into the nitty-gritty details of RMI...Bottom line is that Grosso simply covers the topics and does so with solid conceptual and code coherence--even by O'Reilly standards (over 40 animals grace my shelves). His prose and explanatory patterns make it clear that he has actually gotten into the real-world of RMI, and doesn't hesitate to highlight both good and bad parts. You cannot be dozing off when you read this (at least not if you expect to understand it)--this is written by someone with solid analytic thinking skills and it shows.", March 4, 2002

"...contains a wealth of experience in designing and implementing Java's Remote Method Invocation. If you're a novice reader, you will quickly be brought up to speed on why RMI is such a powerful yet easy to use tool for distributed systems, while experts will gain valuable experience for constructing their own enterprise and distributed systems...In short, a treasure trove of valuable RMI knowledge packed into one book."
--Java Boutique