Media praise for Mastering Algorithms with C

Mastering Algorithms With C "There are a number of books on C algorithms, but Master Algorithms with C is one of the most concise and immediately useful. It's a perfect choice for the working C/C++ programmer who's in a hurry to find just the right algorithm for writing real-world code." --Richard Dragan,, Sept 1999

"A No-Nonsense Guide to Common Real-World Algorithms. A well-balanced blend of theory and practice. Mastering Algorithms with C is one of the better algorithm books you can find. It's mostly useful for C programmers and students who have to implement their own algorithms and containers from scratch. That said, even C++ programmers can benefit from the theoretical discussions and analyses it provides." -- Danny Kalev, VBZone Book of the Week,, June 2000

"The unique thing about this book is the inclusion of well commented fully working source code along with the coverage of data compression and encryption algorithmso if you want to learn about the most.commonly used algorithms in a variety of fields with good source code then. this book is a must. The sheer variety of algorithms makes this book really unique and thus definitely worth purchasing." -- Amar Galla,, May 2000

"offers solutions for everyday programming tasksintended for anyone with a basic understanding of the C language." --Visual C++ Developers Journal, March 2000