Media praise for Java Swing

"This book will teach you practically everything you want to know about Swing."-Raven,

"Java Swing is a huge book (more than 1,200 pages), especially by O'Reilly standards, but there are no pages wasted on a "quick reference". The authors have provided us with a well written, complete, easy to understand, and ultimately indispensable guide to Java Swing." --Thomas Paul,, March 2001

"This book will definitely help produce professional looking Swing/JFC application and will give you a thorough background of the topic. Well done, O'Reilly for yet another winner. Java Swing is the programmer's champion of the late nineteen nineties." --Peter Pilgrim, C Vu, Mar 1999

"Java Swing is an excellent introduction to the latest developments in Java-interface technology. The authors explain how (and why) to use Swing components, and meanwhile proceed to document the entire Swing API with the thoroughness and accuracy programmers have come to expect from O'Reilly & Associates."--David Wall,

"If you're developing Swing applications, you need this book. If you want to dig deeply into the Swing components, this book is incomparable. If you want a deeper understanding of the models, renderers, editors, and the simple and advanced components in Swing, this book delivers what you need. If you work with Swing, this is a great investment." --Claude Duguay, JavaZone, March 25, 1999

"This new book from O'Reilly and Associates-which is heavy enough to crush bugs, both real and virtual--focuses on Swing. Java Swing is huge: 1,155 pages of text, and a thorough 64-page index. It provides a detailed look at all of the new Swing components, allowing programmers to build state-of-the-art interfaces and giving them the context needed to understand the coding....This is another excellent book from O'Reilly and is pretty much essential if you are programming in Java 2. A good book and an effective tool to aid you in your Java programming efforts." --Keith Schengili-Roberts, Canada Computes, July 1999

"Widely considered the best book on Swing. With the help of this book, I've made a mountain of my own lightweight components and have exploited a great deal of Swing. I have another Swing book that came out before this one did, but it just gathers dust now."