Media praise for Java I/O

"If I had to decide the best technical book ever read by me, this would be a real candidate. In my opinion a good programming book should limit itself to covering some well-defined part of its (usually) exhaustive topic. It should be easy to read with well-chose and short code-samples, especially for the critical parts and optionally, the code should grow throughout the chapters and evolve to full working programs at the end. This title fulfils it all. There aren't many illustrations throughout, but the reader will not miss them. The "in-depth-notes" at strategic places are interesting and reveal a deep knowledge of the subject. So, if you want a fundamental understanding of streams, and data communication and /or a deep understanding of the Java I/O-model, buy it." --Christer Loefving, Cvue, January 2000

"full coverage of Java I/ hard to find. This book admirably fills that gap, serving as both a lucid explanation and a good reference. Java users will find much of interest in it. This book is a useful addition to the Java literature." --Arthur Gittleman, Computing Reviews, June 1999

"you won't find more complete coverage anywhere else." --Suzanne A. Smith, San Diego Union-Tribune, June 8, 1999