Media praise for Word 2000 in a Nutshell

"The in a Nutshell series from O'Reilly are like the workshop repair manuals of computer technology. You will learn the details of how everything works at a professional level, and never be stuck for an answer to difficult questions." --Dr Roy Johnson , MANTEX Information Design, August 2001

"encapsulates all the functions and features of Word 2000 (more an environment than a single program) in one handy volume...includes a valuable introduction to the VBA language, excellent coverage of customizing word, and many beneficial tips throughout (that) deserve to be read because a great deal of experience is reflected in them." --PC Plus, May 2001

"very helpfulWhether you are a power user, intermediate, or novice, this book is a truly useful reference." --Virgina A. Mosgrove and Nina Kohser, Random Bits, March 2001

"This is precisely what the sub-title says (a Power-Users Quick Reference), and gives a quick survey of the many features most of us don't use in Word 2000. Some of those features are worth knowing about." --Jerry Pournelle,, March 6, 2001

"an under the hood look at Word in the easily accessible and concise format the "Ina Nutshell' series is famous for...loaded with tips and tricks and acts as a priceless resource to Word 2000's undocumented features." --Link-Up, Feb 2001

"an essential reference for power-users." --Vista PC Journal, March 2001

"the Word coach you've been looking for...its organization, straightforward writing style and graphics make it easy for you to proceed with confidence" --The Executary, March 2001 "loaded with tips and tricks that truly take you under-the hood to master the broad-ranging features now available (in Word)...In a nutshell, if you want a complete reference to Word 2000, and wish to extend your skills, Word 2000 in a Nutshell is recommended. " --Sam Gardner, PC News, Nov 2000

"a jewel-perhaps the most truthful book about Microsoft Word ever written- three aspects-Clarity, Concision, and Honesty-are the major reasons to justify such a laudatory review as this." --John Robin Allen, Winnepeg PC User Group, Jan 2001

"a book that should be owned by everyone who uses or wants to use Word 2000. It is written in clear and simple language without computer geek terms or references, written so that anyone ca understand how to do any of the tasks World 200 is capable of doing."-Joseph Kluepfel, BPCA News, Dec 2000

"If you want to get the most out of Word 2000 then Word 2000 In a Nutshell belongs on your bookshelf. It's complete and well-written. Use it as a reference or just for browsing. You'll be glad you have it."-Tim Postlewaite, Cache, Jan 2001

"Glenn's fine take on Windows 2000 has enough meat in it to explain concepts clearly without sacrificing the directness expected from a technical resource. Recommended for all libraries." --Chris Ziener, Library Journal, Nov 2000

"designed for quick information about the latest version of the word-processing workhorse from our favorite Redmond-based corporate monolith." --David Bloom. Woodland Hills Daily News, Sept 16, 2000

"One of the most important lessons in life gets brought home time and time again, just when you think that you really know something and are totally comfortable with it, you find out how little you really know. I had that lesson repeated tome when I read the O'Reilly release of Word 200 in a NutshellI was amazed by the tasks Word could do...written for adults with some prior knowledge of the subject, it is clearly a handbook for those who want their information concise and fast without all the extraneous material usually found in books for beginners. This is an essential handbook for any serious Word user." --Ed Staff, Tampa Bay Computer Society bits and Bytes, Oct 2000