Media praise for Cracking DES

"Beautifully milks many sacred cows of their crypto policy. EFF exposes more of the emperor's new clothes, reaching new levels of truth." --Peter Neumann, Moderator of the Risks Forum

"A very impressive piece of work. This book will change the history of cryptography." --Steve Bellovin, Co-author of Firewalls and Internet Security

"If the government was honest, the crypto debate would be over by now. EFF's research conclusively refutes their propaganda." --Bruce Schneier, President of Counterpane Systems

"Readers with computer engineering backgrounds and access to chip fabrication facilities would be able to replicate the complete machine if desired. But even nontechnical readers will be fascinated by this account of disarray, disinformation, and wishful thinking relating to the U.S. government's official encryption standard." --Tom Mace, editor at, August 1998