Media praise for Managing Microsoft Exchange Server

"Robichaux clearly knows his subject. He doesn't [hew] slavishly to the Microsoft line and is happy to make suggestions based on real experience. For example, he recommends against using Exchange Server's automatic restart feature. If you're responsible for installing and managing Exchange Server, you should have this book on your shelf. --Steve Patient,

"those looking for a great guide to master the day-to-day operations of Exchange need look no further. Concise chapters cover all of the fundamentals: from installation to management, security, troubleshooting and repair. If you're new to Exchange, the chapters are arranged from basic to advanced topics in order to get you up to speedin a short time frame. And if you're already running an Exchange server, this is the book that will help you expand and tweak your system without taking down your entire company's communications. If you're a technical manager, make sure your staff has a copy of this on hand and if you're an Exchange administrator make sure your boss buys you one.", Jan 2000