Media praise for O'Reilly Utilities -- Quick Solutions for Windows 98 Annoyances

"So, how's that Windows 98 installation been treating you lately? Going nice and smooth is it? All your peripheral drivers up to snuff? No Windows Registry mishaps to report?

"Well, if Windows 98 is working great for you, then you don't need O'Reilly Utilities for Windows 98, the new software companion to the upcoming O'Reilly book, Windows 98 Annoyances by David A. Karp.

"But since the Crustaceous Computational Curmudgeon's own plethora of Win98 installations always need a few tweaks, he'll opt for both the new book and the new software. The new software is scheduled to ship in October, just following the book's scheduled release. O'Reilly Utilities for Windows 98, incidentally, was developed by David A. Karp and Mark Bracewell, and will sell for $39.95 with a $10 discount for owners of Windows 98 Annoyances.

"According to the publishers, O'Reilly Utilities for Windows 98 provides immediate, automated solutions for many of the key annoyances described in Karp's book and also offers important new enhancements to Windows 98. This stand-alone software companion to the book provides a complete set of point-and-click tools that let users adjust Windows 98 settings to suit their work preferences, without having to manually tamper with the Windows Registry.

"Indeed, in Crusty's tests of a beta copy of O'Reilly Utilities, the software cleaned up his recurrent Windows Registry snafus after installing Windows 98. That alone easily makes it worth the forty-buck entry price.

"O'Reilly Utilities also includes extensions that make common Windows tasks easier, such as group file renaming, file copying, and customizing the desktop. It solves some of the most aggravating Internet-related behaviors of Windows and other applications, by providing tools for restoring the default browser, e-mail, and FTP settings after a new Internet Explorer or Navigator installation overwrites previously established settings. If you install and uninstall the 8 million versions of AOL each month, you'll really, REALLY appreciate O'Reilly Utilities. Find out more at" --TipWorld,

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