Media praise for HTML Pocket Reference

"[Consumers] will find the fine 'pocket references' produced by O'Reilly to be compact and affordable."
-- James Cox, The Computer Shelf: Midwest Book Review

"This is an invaluable resource for Web site developers. This is a must have book next to your computer. You will use this book so often that the pages will probably start falling out of the book! A lot of large (500 + paged) books on HTML will contain this same information, but this information is in a large hard to carry around book. Also, this specific information is a pain in the ass to search for in a large book every time you need to refresh yourself on a certain tag and it's browser compatibility. This book is only 92 pages, contains all the tags in HTML 4.0 and is so small it will fit in your shirt or back pocket. Rating 10 out of 10." -Raven,, June 2001

"There comes a point when most people realize that HTML is just not that difficult. When that time comes, it seems impractical to keep all of those bulky books immediately at hand just to refresh your memory about some attribute of the exact syntax of a tag. For those times, it is much more useful to have a concise guide that tells you only what you need to know. HTML Pocket Reference is that guide." -- E. V. Bell II, Ed's Internet Book Review

"especially useful is HTML Pocket Reference, organized by most-used codes, with explanations of when and how each is used. And again, while mostly for professional web designers, it's tremendously useful for beginners." -Bruce W. Marcus, The Marcus Newsletter, July 2001

"I got this book and within a week nearly every page had a pencil mark on it, was dog-eared, diet-coke spilled across it, or in some way showed the love that I was showering across it. This book is a must have." --Jennifer Kyrnin, Focus on HTML/XML

"Sooner or later, all of us get stuck by some arcane fact or detail about HTML. Fortunately, we have the HTML Pocket Reference by Jennifer Niederst. This handy booklet, only 92 pages, contains almost everything one needs to know about HTML...Terse and to the point, it contains no more (and no less) information than is necessary...I am constantly amazed by how much information is crammed into the 92 pages of this reference book. Everything from tag usage; browser implementation; attribute lists; and clear, concise, and understandable explanations for each tag and attribute is included in this one-size-fits-all wonder. The HTML Pocket Reference is another of those fine books I keep only an arm's reach away. It provides quick and accurate information for any on-the-spot HTML-related questions. The accuracy, portability, and low price of this excellent book by Jennifer Niederst make it a must-have for any web designer. Five stars" -- Nathan Matias, Abscissa Tech, Nov 2000