Media praise for Programming with QT: Writing Portable GUI Applicat

"a good book and I recommend it." --Al Stevens, Dr. Dobbs Journal, September 2001

"An excellent introduction to Qt" --Steve Patient,, May 2000

"The official QT 'Bible'" --Dave Jewell, EXE, Dec 1999

"The author's presentation in this book is a model of clarity. Programming with Qt makes a good argument that Qt is a great choice for creating rich user interfaces in UNIX, Linux, or Windows with a minimum of developer effort." --Richard Dragan,, June 1998

"An excellent book on Qt programming, and a must buy. The Parrot Book, as this is sure to be known, is excellent for a beginner looking to quickly learn the ins and outs of Qt programming . . . Everything you expect from a book with an animal on the cover and O'Reilly on the spine." --ErikSev,, June 1999

"I must give credit to Mr. Dalheimer. Writing an instruction book on how to program using Qt, while keeping it both simple and interesting, must have been a major undertaking. I'm happy to say that Dalheimer has succeeded on both counts. His style is light, and instructive, his examples are clever and educational it is well worth the US $32.95 you pay for it. Qt is a most wonderful library, and every programmer would benefit greatly from using it." --Geir Erik Nielsen, 32bitsonline, August 18, 1999

"Programming with Qt, by Matthias Dalheimer, covers a tool that addresses some of the thornier topics in modern GUI programming, cross-platform application frameworks, and widget toolkits..... Dalheimer provides a good overview of the Qt programming model, and presents a solid conceptual framework for any experienced programmer new to Qt. He includes several usage tips and many pieces of thoughtful advice, any one of which could easily be worth the cost of the book in the right circumstances...For readers new to Qt, especially those with a Windows background, this is all useful and enlightening material." --Lou Grinzo, Dr Dobbs ERB