Media praise for Organ Transplants

Named one of top 24 Best Consumer Health Books of 2000 by Library Journal

"More and more people now see organ and tissue transplants not as something horrifying or disrespectful or something they'd prefer to leave to others but quite simply as the natural thing to do.

"Robert Finn's book, grounded as it is on the thoughts and behavior of people of all kinds who find themselves confronting the extraordinary achievements of modern medicine, is another valuable stepping stone on the way to that goal." --from the Foreword, by Reg Green, co-chair of The Family Pledge initiative and head of the Nicholas Green Foundation

"Organ Transplants is a must resource for patients and their families facing the challenge of organ transplant. More than a fact-filled guide, Finn captures the spirit and emotions experienced by many who have successfully gone before, offering all an inspiring message of hope that you are not alone on this "long and winding road." --Jim Gleason, heart transplant, author of "A Gift From the Heart"; President: Liaisons for Life (Gift of Life Donor Program)

"This book is factual, easy to read and intelligently written. We should make it required reading for every patient we accept for transplant and wish it had been available for those already transplanted ... a wonderful job." --Joan Miller, RN, Stanford University School of Medicine, Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery

"As a registered nurse and a transplant recipient, I think this is an excellent comprehensive resource guide for transplant recipients. I wish this book had been available for me when I was going through my own transplant process! I was hungry for more information and could not find a single source such as this guide to help me. It is especially helpful to have comments from those who have 'been there, done that.' Their sharing of what they went through--both good and bad--was invaluable. I know that future transplant recipients will learn a lot from this guide --both the medical information and the true-life experiences related in very human terms. I would recommend this book for all transplant centers to use in their pre-transplant education program and for any recipient seeking to better understand the transplant process. No one should go into this without learning all they can about their disease, treatment options, and the expectations following their transplant. Through this informative guide, transplant patients will take better care of their 'gift' and live a long and healthy new life." --Lori Noyes, RN, BSN

"Organ Transplants is a tremendous resource for patients and families throughout the often harrowing and confusing transplant process." --Donna Henry Wright, liver recipient

"This book is an excellent resource. Highly recommended." --Library Journal

"For those with illnesses for which transplantation may be the last hope, journalist Finn has written a comprehensive guide to a complex, sometimes frightening world. Liberally sprinkled with comments from actual recipients, their families, and members of the transplant teams, this book is an excellent resource." --Library Journal, February 1, 2000