Media praise for Unix Backup and Recovery

"If terabytes and petabytes of information fall under your care, Curtis Preston is the author with the expertise to help you back them up and restore them successfully...If you have only one Unix server under your care, you will want to read this book, because it explains utilities like tar and cpio in a language more accessible than the online manual 'man.' If you are responsible for a complex library or archival automation network, running one of the major database management systems described, you will appreciate the clear thinking involved even more highly."
--Christopher Brown-Syed, Library and Archival Security, Vol 17, Number 1, 2001

"the book is complete coverage of Unix backup and recovery. Huh. Truth in advertising. Whodathunkit--With many years' worth of practical experience, several specialist contributors, and dozens of technical reviewers, this book leaves few stones unturned. No matter how experienced you are at managing backups, you could probably learn at least a few tricks from Curtis Preston and his crew. Normally discussions about backups are relegated to, at best, a single chapter in a Unix administration book. 'Unix Backup & Recovery' is the first title I've ever seen that covers this territory in full detail. In fact, even if you aren't specifically a Unix administrator, the discussion of topics like the most common causes of system failure and how to pitch a more reliable backup scheme to management are very cross-platform. They're worth reading no matter what type of computer system you rely upon...rating 10 of 10"
--Greg Smith,, April 2000

"The word "backup" can elicit more fear and resolutions than any other word systems administrators hear. Usually, it is after a system failure when them administrator discovers how good his backup procedure really is. A new O'Reilly classic will help you find out how well your process works. 'UNIX Backup & Recovery' is one of the most essential reference and resource books written for systems administrators that I have read. Preston demonstrates the necessity of thorough backup plans and illustrates what can happen when some aspect of a backup is overlooked. He discusses both hardware and software issues and illustrates how each can be backed up and, more importantly, restored to its prior state. (The most precise and complete backups aren't worth anything if they cannot be restored.) The author's plentiful examples and informal writing style make the book interesting, readable, and valuable. Preston has written the resource that he would have wanted to read. Every UNIX system administrator needs this extraordinary book now. Tomorrow may be too late."
--Elizabeth Zinkann, Sys Admin, March 2000

"Buy this book. Now. Do not pass "Go", do not let your hard drive crash. A soon as you have the book in hand (expresso optional), read Section I break out the CD-Rom and see what's on it. Read Chapter 8 "Bare-Metal Backup and Recovery Methods for Linux". Then, do what the man says Highly recommended. The job you save may be your own."
--Charles Curley, Linux Journal, Oct 2000