Media praise for MP3: The Definitive Guide

"Best MP3 book" -- Third Annual BookBytes Awards, Dec 2000

"The breadth of coverage is impressive...anyone seeking high-quality MP3 audio will be well-served by Hacker's work." --Stephen Withers, Australian Personal Computer, Oct 2000

"informative, educational and relatively easy to read--should be placed on the list of essential reading for its category. Highly recommendable." --Jerry Suppan, Tokyo PC Users Group. July 2000

"a thorough and timely guide to all things MP3" --Keith Schnegili-Roberts, July 2000

"For those who want in-depth information MP3: The Definitive Guide is the resource to head for; it is comprehensive not only in respect of MP3, but deals with a number of MP3-related issues--this is technical communication at its best." --Major Keary, PC Update, June 2000

"if you want to know what is what with MP3s, this is the resource to use." --Rob Slade, InternetBook Review, July 2000

"This is a book on which all other how-to/teach-yourself/guide books should be based on!!! MP3 is by far the best techish audio book I have ever read. Hacker does an excellent job of telling readers not only how to encode and playback MP3 files, but also why MP3 functions the way it does. I've worked as an engineer and producer in a lot of recording studios and although I already knew the hows and whys of sound, I've never encountered such a clear and concise explanation. After reading MP3: The Definitive Guide, you'll not only be one MP3 coding super-guru, but also fully versed in psychoacoustics. Whether you are a 13-year-old computer genius or a 70-year-old computer newbie, you will find his book extremely useful." --bluebuttbunny review, April 2000

"This book about the latest state-of-the-art progress in this highly volatile MP3 industry will answer most every question, frustration or problem anyone might have had while creating, using, or listening to music in the MP3 format. As is always the case with an O'Reilly title, readers will find reliable, no-nonsense solutions to this technological topic that is heating up the charts within the music industry. Hacker has written a fast-moving thorough guide to the inner workings of MP3, and readers can begin with a superb introductory chapter to this concept that is followed by chapters with extensive technical explanations, all extremely well organized and conceptualized." -- Dale Farris

"If you're looking for an excellent MP3 handbook, especially if you are itching to produce MP3s yourself, Hacker's volume is highly recommended. It's written in a clear and friendly style, but it's still serious enough to take you as deep into the world of MP3 as you care to go." --Gareth Branwyn, Baltimore Sun, April 10. 2000

"another one of those indispensable O'Reilly guides, this one tackles the ubiquitous MP3 ado file standard and related tools." --Netsurfer Digest, April 1, 2000

"The best technical and most complete book about the world of MP3 on the market; The Community, Format and Movement. A must have!" -- Sander van Zoest, High Geek,

"This definitive guide goes into much more technical computer detail than more casual coverages for lay readers, introducing users to all aspects of the technology and covering the basics of how to use, optimize and maintain MP3 files using both commercial and Open Source methods for four basic operating system platforms. A highly recommended pick for musicians and computer users alike, this tells how to get the most out of equipment and MP3 music formats. Highly recommended." --James Cox, Midwest Book Review, August 2000

"For the power-user, MP3: The Ultimate Guide, by the aptly named Scot Hacker, details everything you need to know about digital music." --Paula Lovejoy, ZDNet Ultimate College Guide, Sept. 2000

"Definitive? That's fighting talk! Scott Hacker's walk through the digital music phenomenon however, fits the bill. It briefs you on every aspect of MP3 and how to use it. If you have any questions left about MP3, MP3: The Definitive Guide will answer them." --Mobile Computer User, September 2000