Media praise for User Friendly

?This is the funniest comic strip that is on the subject of
technology that I have ever read?User Friendly is the first
example of the merging of print media and Internet media that works perfectly that I have come across. You really get to become a part of a community with this product. These User Friendly books from O'Reilly don't cost that much money, and once you buy at least this first User Friendly book, you are automatically involved in this world of these comic strip characters that you come to really care about.. If you use Linux and are a supporter of or a developer of open source software, you?re going to love this comic strip and become an instant fan just like I did.?
--Raven,, Dec 2001

"Anybody whose interests lie with computers or the Internet will find these hilarious musings on this quirky business very amusing and entertaining." --Dale Ferris, Golden Triangle PC Club, May 2001

User Friendly Second Place, Non-Computer Product, Linux Magazine's Editor's Choice Awards, 2000

User Friendly "Now, thanks to the people at O'Reilly, everyone can get a healthy dose of techno-humour from this compilation of strips"-Keith Schengili-Roberts, Computer Paper, May 2000

"For those who've worked with computers, particularly tech support, it's well worth the $12.95. Depending on your persuasion, this book may not be for you, as some people have suggested that User Friendly has something of an anti-Microsoft bias." --John Joyce, Scientific Computing and Instrumentation, Dec 1999

"a cutting edge cartoon about cutting-edge technology to which all computer lovers can relate" --Information Technology Career World

These quotes were taken from the User Friendly Web site:

"Eric Raymond wrote essays about the Internet community. Illiad went one further and captured the spirit of the ISP and the free software communities in cartoon form. If you've ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at your ISP or how free software users sometimes think, all can now be revealed." --Alan Cox, Linux God and Kernel Hacker

"The only reason everyone in the world doesn't read User Friendly is that not everyone has fast access to the Web. Now you can get the book, so there's no excuse at all. The only problem with User Friendly as a book is you'll read it all at once, when you ought to ration yourself for a little joy every day." --Jerry Pournelle, Senior Contributing Editor,

"The perfect book or gift for the computer professional. Good for more than a few good laughs! Buy it!" --John C. Dvorak, Computer Columnist

"User Friendly is smart and sassy and just what I've been waiting for-- a cartoon that computer geeks can relate to. A cutting-edge cartoon about cutting-edge technology, User Friendly is funny enough that even the non-geeks will get it. The recent Star Wars spoof was intelligent, timely, and funny. I'm proud to have User Friendly in Linux Journal." --Marjorie L. Richardson, Editor in Chief, Linux Journal

"Illiad's understanding of the Linux and Open Source community is uncanny. You have to live it to know it as well as he does. User Friendly is more than a cartoon, it's brilliant social commentary for the computer culture of today. You really feel connected to him, because he seems to live in your mind. It's a must-click, the cartoon kicks ass!" --Trae McCombs, Manager,

"One of the characteristics of healthy cultures is that they can poke fun at themselves. I guess the hacker culture is in good health, because User Friendly is hilarious. Its irreverence, sophisticated in-jokes and surrealistic edge are a rocket straight out of the Internet's collective unconscious." --Eric S. Raymond, ubergeek

"...the cartoon is so insightful and captures the essence of today's web industry so brilliantly that it's definitely going to be big." --Nina Furu, columnist,

"User Friendly has my sides splitting daily. Illiad has taken a step that no one else has done by doing a strip for the Un*x/Geek community thats funny and cute." --Trae McCombs, manager,

"User Friendly has something that no other cartoon has, the ability to not only be funny, but be exactly like events at your own work. In fact sometimes you think life would be better if you worked for Columbia Internet." --Scott James Remnant, editor,

"User Friendly" taps the open-source movement's collective funny bone...a smart and quirky cartoon born of the open-source movement and championed by geeks across the Net." --Janelle Brown, Salon Magazine, Oct 1999

"Funny Stuff for the Techno-nerd. Have no idea what to get the computer geek on your Christmas list? Skip the latest cutting-edge hardware or the newest game, and go low-tech. As in a book. Specifically a hilarious new title called User Friendly a collection of offbeat comic strips about all things digital. Think Dilbert for the semi-conductor set...any self-respecting mouse jockey will see himself or herself in these panels. It's as though you're sharing an inside joke." --Dan Geiser , The Gazette, Nov 15, 1999

"One of the most gimme books of the year: O'Reilly's User Friendly. The whole gang is gathered together in a dead tree version, which means you can finally take UF where ever you want to be... User Friendly, the greatest open-source-savvy comic strip... The naive might compare
User Friendly to Dilbert, since they're both set in technology industry offices, but it's really more like Doonesbury... The strip is very, very funny... and by reading it, you will always feel like a member of the open source club." --Stern,, November 1999