Media praise for Oracle PL/SQL Programming: A Developer's Workbook

"I recommend this book to anyone who wants to further his or her skills in writing good Oracle PL/SQL code. However excellent they are, most computer books are inherently passive--we must simply take in text without having any opportunity to react to it. The Oracle PL/SQL Developer's Workbook is very different! It's designed to involve us actively, to get us solving programming problems immediately, and to help us apply what we've learned about PL/SQL--and in the process deepen our knowledge of the language. By completing the exercises in this workbook, we will find ourselves moving more rapidly along the learning curve to join the growing ranks of PL/SQL experts." --John J. Dyer, May 2001

"This book is an excellent learning aid and even dipping in for a question here and there is likely to lead to an enhanced understanding of PL/SQL programming." --Mark Whitehorn, Developers Review, Dec 2000

"Steven Feuerstein is the most knowledgeable PL/SQL developer I have encountered in my years of training and working with Oracle clients. He has produced a book that truly tests the PL/SQL knowledge of beginners to experts.. . This is another fantastic effort by Steven which will certainly find its way to the bookshelves of serious PL/SQL developers everywhere." --Jeff Gilles, Vice-President, R&D, Online Group, ARIS Corporation

"Beginners, intermediate users, and experts can tackle exercises to test their skills and increase their knowledge." --Oracle Magazine, Oct 2000