Media praise for Optimizing Windows for Games, Graphics and Multime

"Our Favorite Things: Further good news for us illiterates: From O'Reilly & Associates we have the help of this handy trio 'PC Hardware in a Nutshell' by Robert Bruce Thompson and Barbara Fritchman Thompson, 'Optimizing Windows for Games, Graphics, and Multimedia' by David l. Farquhar, and 'Learning Web Design' by Jennifer Niederst."
--Warren Berry, Newsday, Dec 16, 2001

"If you like having a slow computer, ignore this book"
--Randy M. Zeitman,, Jan 2001

"For years we've been reading articles in tech sites, participating in "tip" news groups, and buying magazines with the special pullout sections just for a fraction of the knowledge contained in this one book. The author lays out all the best ways to speed up your system from the ground up, outlining what works and what doesn't. If you consider yourself a Windows expert or if you would like to be, I would highly recommend this book. If only more system manufacturers and software vendors would pay attention to some of the concepts contained within, people would not need to replace their sluggish machines as quickly." --Rod Apeldoorn, WEAV Newsletter, Feb 2001 "An invaluable guide to getting the best out of your PC, explaining the whys as well as the howsthis is a must have for anyone wanting to squeeze more performance out of their ageing PC."
--Ben Hardwidge, PC Pro, July 2000

"Do you wish that your copy of Windows worked better than it does? Would you like to be able to squeeze a little more performance out of your nearly-obsolete computer system? Don't you wish you knew how to make that computer work better and last longer? Never fear! Optimizing Windows is here! Once in a while, a truly great computer book arrives on my desk. David L. Farquhar's Optimizing Windows for Games, Graphics & Multimedia is one of those books. . .Anyway, I don't gush about books often, but this one is great."
--Sandy McMurray, Toronto Sun , Wednesday, April 19, 2000

"I've just finished reading a book that offers some very useful - and often just fun - tips and insights into the inner workings of Windows. Optimizing Windows For Games, Graphics & Multimedia, by David L. Farquhar ($25, is full of great tips and tricks to customize and enhance a personal computer."
--Steve Segal TRIBUNE-REVIEW, April 28, 2000

"If the information you are seeking about Optimizing Windows is not in this book, I don't know where you'll find it. This book would be a good addition to any computer library. It will save you many hours of experiementing and searching to find solutions to problems."
--Jack Conway, Charlotte Bytes, April 2000

"Don't let the title put you off if you don't deal in such 'frivolities.' This book offers many useful tips for squeezing every last ounce of performance out of aging machines running Windows 95/98."
--Shirl Kennedy, Information Today, April 2000

"helpful advice on how to customize and optimize the Windows operating system to provide maximum performance for games, graphics and multimedia applications."
--Paper Clips, March 2000

"Computer users have spent many frustrating hours trying to make their systems run faster and better... The book guides you in plain English, and takes you step-by-step through its suggestions. Many of these tips are suggestions that are not in Windows 9X. Without this book you would never find them, like tuning the hidden Windows cache settings.
Optimizing Windows is well suited for the novice, intermediate users, and advanced users alike. It will save you many hours of experimenting and searching to find solutions to your problems."
--Jack Conway, Charlotte Bytes, April 2000