Media praise for Mastering Perl/Tk

"So you want to do a GUI application, and you want to do it in your favorite language (Perl of course :). Well, this is the book to get...The content is wonderful, very extensive. If you use Perl/Tk, this is *the* book to have. If you are comparing different graphics libraries for Perl, then you'll want this too."
--Jayce, PLUG, Nov 4, 2002

"a useful tutorial and reference for both the novice and experienced Perl programmers, and deserves to be considered by programmers who are interested in increasing their proficiency in the use of Tk."
--Darryl Nishamura, Biotech Software and Internet Report, Vol 3, Number 3, 2002

"The definitive book on Perl/Tk."--Charlie Stross, LinuxFormat, September 2002

"It is possible to learn Perl/Tk using only material that is freely available on the Internet. However, 'Mastering Perl/Tk' is truly a value-add above and beyond on-line reference material. The authors' explanations and examples give you ideas on how to build useful applications that solve real problems. The on-line material tells little more than syntax. If you want to learn more about GUI programming in Perl, 'Mastering Perl/Tk' will be a valuable addition to your library."
--Bill Cunningham, Linux Journal, March 2002

"The book's stated purpose is to be the master reference on Perl/Tk. It is written to be usable by someone having only basic familiarity with Perl programming, but it also covers the most advanced features of both Perl and the Tk module, so as to make the dedicated reader of this book a master of GUI programming with Perl/Tk. I believe the book meets these goals...The reader will have a fully functional GUI program running by page 12. By the end of chapter 13, the reader will have gained experience with all the stock widgets in the Perl/Tk module. The book also covers deployment of Perl/Tk on both UNIX and Windows platforms...if you want to learn more about GUI programming in Perl, 'Mastering Perl/Tk' will be a valuable addition to your library."--Bill Cunningham,, March 2002