Media praise for Learning Java

?This book is an excellent introduction to the language for someone interested in finding out what Java has to offer as a programming language. The topics are written clearly and there are plenty of small, easily understood code samples throughout the text. The authors? style is clear and not too technical, overall it makes for an easily understood and comprehensible book.?
--Dave Vick,, November 2001

"Really, there's nothing unexpected in this straightforward book. It's simply good quality, comprehensive material. The authors obviously love their topic and show real expertise in using the tools and the language itself...the constant stream of sample applications makes this book an excellent reference guide. Recommended." -- Caryn Mladen, Canada Computes, Nov 09, 2000

2001 Java Pro Third Annual Reader's Choice Awards Best Java Book for Beginners

"The book is written in clear language that strikes a good balance; it does not overwhelm readers with technical terminology, but at the same time avoids talking down to its audience." --Major Kearny, PC Update, March 2001

"an elegant book, dealing with an elegant subject...this is by no means a dull, dry book, but one that seeks to help you and encourage you. I certainly recommend it to anyone who is willing to invest the time and effort in learning Java." --Nelson Bigelow, Jr., Kennebec Valley Computer Society, Oct 2000

"provides a solid grounding for beginners."--Linux Format, Oct 2000

"The perfect book for a C (or Perl) programmer with java. It's of manageable size and still covers the basics as well as t he advanced when trying to grasp an advanced topic you want a short application that works, one that you can extend and/alter. "Learning Java gives you just that. Therefore, it's a great book! " --Magnus Wass,, October 2000

Exploring Java, 2nd Edition:

"Niemeyer and Peck have written one of the most thorough and systematic introductions to Java . . . Exploring Java offers excellent and thorough coverage of Java and serves as a complete reference to developing original applications." --Richard Hooker, Journal of Academic Librarianship, November 1998

"Whether novice user or seasoned veteran wanting to keep abreast of cutting edge developments, Exploring Java is the basic "how-to" book when it comes to Java."ó --James A. Cox, Midwest Book Review

"Exploring Java is the ultimate beginner's guide to Java ."ó --Will Tsui, Netpedia

"It covers only Java 1.1, but it does so quite well. It's brevity and clarity are refreshing and in no way reduce its depth. This book is a good introduction to Java, pleasantly free of much of the hype and flash of many other books. If you're looking for a good, firm introduction, and you have significant programming experience, this one's for you."ó --Ray Rischpater, Handheld Systems, Nov/Dec 1998