Media praise for The Cathedral & the Bazaar

"Both as an overview of the open-source movement and as a case study in economic and cultural change, Raymond's book is a great read. The author is far from impartial, but he is realistic; he admits there are areas, such as office applications, where closed-source software is still appropriate. In the end, however, he believes that the entire computing infrastructure -- operating systems, the Internet and communications software -- will be open source, "cooperatively maintained by user consortia and by for- profit distribution/service outfits with a role like that of RedHat." If that happens, The Cathedral & The Bazaar could well be remembered as the most important book on the software frontier of the 1990s." -- Wade Roush, MIT Technology Review, Jan/Feb 2000

"It's a spirited compilation of four polemical essays documenting the rise of Linux and the Open Source movement, and it comes up to date with a final chapter written as recently as August. Given the recent legal judgement, this book could become really hot. And it's good too." -- Dr Roy Johnson, Nov 1999

"Raymond is intelligent and literate, and makes his arguments about the benefits of open source in ways that are calculated to convince corporations that there's more money to be made with open code than closed in many situations. He's one of the relatively few people who can write first-hand accounts of long-running, successful open source projects, and can write authoritatively about the hacker community in the early days of the Internet... Raymond is not only a gifted hacker, but an excellent writer as well. He manages to convey information about the culture one has to manage, which turns out to be very good way to teach someone how to manage it; or at least it was for me, anyway...These essays are pretty much required reading, I would say, for anyone running a software company today. If you want to set up an open source project, there's no better information available. The early history of hacking is interesting and of course he's got a good handle on how and why Linux has been so successful." -- Michael Sims,, Nov 11, 1999

"This is a good read for those who want to be involved in the open-source movement or are just observing it with some reservations."-- Jason Stajich, Raleigh Perl Mongers, August 2000 "The Cathedral and the Bazaar is a must read for anyone that wants to understand what OSS is all about, and my belief is that anyone serious about being a software professional should be interested in OSS."-Scott Ambler,