Media praise for GIMP Pocket Reference

"[Consumers] will find the fine 'pocket references' produced by O'Reilly to be compact and affordable."
-- James Cox, The Computer Shelf: Midwest Book Review

"O'Reilly's GIMP Pocket Reference is one of the best books around. The 96-page, paperback GIMP Pocket Reference is an excellent guide to getting the most out of the GIMP's complexities. If you use the GIMP in a production environment, buy this book now--it's a nearly indispensable tool in this capacity. The well-designed structure of this guide provides easy access to information typically buried in the depths of more comprehensive books on the GIMP. --the GIMP Pocket Reference offers unmatched convenience, and it fits easily in your pocket, too." --Todd Volz, CNET Linux Center, 3/23/2001

"The GIMP Pocket Reference gives the user the key to the toolbox and is a superior resource either as an independent reference or as a complement to another text." --Elizabeth Zinkann, Sys Admin Magazine, January 2001

"O'Reilly has unveiled the GIMP Pocket Reference, which helps developers understand and use the different features of the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP)." --Sunworld, Oct 2000

"With hundreds of examples, this book gives you models for writing effective web pages and mastering advanced features. It will also help you make the transition from HTML to the next generation web markup language, XHTML." --Eric Moussambini. Freelance Informer, Set 29, 2000