Media praise for AppleScript in a Nutshell

"The book provides an absolutely stellar summary of commands, data types, variables, and all the other stuff of scripting. It is an indispensable reference to have on your desk as you experiment with scripts of your own devising."
--Bruce W. Perry, The Macintosh Guild, June 30, 2003

"An in-depth and essential desktop reference."
--Dee Silver, DIALOG, August 2002

"Overall, I rate this book high for technical content and good use of examples. Four out of five stars."
--Andrew Jones, Mouse Tales (newsletter of the North Coast Macintosh Users Group of Cleveland), May 2002

"...a great help in understanding and extending my knowledge of Applescript. The reference section alone was worth the price of the book. The book is written with a sense of humor, which is always appreciated when dealing with a dry subject. My only complaint is that 'Applescript in a Nutshell' should have a spiral binding because of all the use it will be getting. This is no walnut shell of good information. It's a coconut!"
--Jay Manning, News Break, Oneonta MUG, March 2002

"a quality reference to own."
--Jack Krajiccek, The Finder: The Newsletter for the Mid-Columbia Macintosh User Group, February 2002

"always useful"
--Chris Goodman, Listmania! Mac OS X Programming and more,, Feb 2002

"For Mac users Applescript is the language of choice, and for Applescript users the definitive reference is O'Reilly's AppleScript in a Nutshell"
--Major Keary, Ausom News, Oct 2001

"...if you're familiar with other scripting or programming languages then this book provides an ideal transition to Applescript. If you're new to programming, this should definitely be the second book you buy.
--Richard Dyce, MacUser, Aug 24, 2001

"The lion's share of Bruce Perry's treatment of the language explains, with a minimum of frills, how each aspect of the AppleScript language works. This is classic O'Reilly, and it works well. For each statement (such as with transaction) and reserved word (such as anything), you get a concise statement of syntax, examples of proper usage, an explanation of what's going on, and caveats where they're required. This book is a comprehensive treatment of a really useful language."
--David Wall,

"You'll also want a copy of 'Applescript in a Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference' which is more advanced and up to date."
--Tony Williams, So you'd like to Get The Most From Your Macintosh computer running OS X, Feb 2001

"BEST BOOKS of 2001. DT&G: Design, Type & Graphics Magazine in conjunction with The Design & Publishing Center, The Designers' Bookshelf and the Graphic-Design Network have selected the following as the best products in 2001 for the visual communications fields:(Macintosh specific advanced)"
--Design,Type & Graphics Magazine, Jan 2001