Media praise for Mac OS 9: The Missing Manual

"One of the beauties of the Missing Manuals is that there is always something new to discover and the research is quite thorough...I kept finding snippets of information, in the way of Tips or Notes, that would give just that bit extra."
-- Graham K. Rogers, Bangkok Post

"Pogue, the New York Times computer columnist, is among the world's best explainers."
-- Kevin Kelly, co-founder of Wired

"I have reviewed quite a number of Missing Manual books and I am always impressed with them. David Pogue is a Mac master and the depth of his knowledge shines through."
-- Roger Bernau, ACT Apple User Group Incorporated

"I would rather go without food for three days than miss any of the Missing Manual books."
--Al Fasodt of "The Post-Standard," June 5, 2003

"I bought two copies of this book. You see, my daughter trucked off to college this year, and along with a lot of clothes, and junk packed into foot lockers was a new Mac G3 Powerbook, and a copy of David Pogue's 'OS/9 Missing Manual.' I have no idea how she'll do in college, or what she'll do with all that stuff in the small dorm room. I do know however, that she's just about as well armed for computing as any freshman in the world. Now if she'll just refer to Pogue's book, I'll get fewer phone calls with computer problems. This is the 'ultimate' guide for OS/9."
--DT&G (Design, Typography & Graphics)

"Mac OS 9: The Missing Manual touts itself as the guide that should have come with your copy of Apple's operating system. It certainly makes a strong case for that claim, as author David Pogue offers a wealth of information from the basics to some of OS 9's more esoteric functions."
--Randy M. Zeitman, March 2001

"David Pogue has created an easy-to-read and very informative manual and I highly recommend it."
--Ted Galloway, The PEEL, March 2001


"A low price book for a lot of information, well put together and richly illustrated."
--Dev. Issue 78 (Italy), February 2001

"if your Mac lover needs a handle on the Mac's latest system software, this little dandy might be it."
--Holiday Gift Guide, Mac Home December 2000

"This exceptional book is arranged like one would expect a well written user manual to be...jargon-free with enough patience for the novice and enough depth for the power user."
--Sylvia Rego, Macintosh Asheville Computer Society, December 2000

"Pick an Apple Gift for less than $150?the Missing Manual series of books from O'Reilly & Associates are handy, inexpensive choices..."
--Leonard Fischer, USA Today, Dec 5, 2001

"So how do you find out about all the Mac OS 9 secrets? You could try using the on-line help system, which may or may not help, or you could rely on a real expert...this book is by far the most in-depth look at Apple's current Mac OS...after just 13 pages I had learned more about even the basic features of the finder than I thought I knew. You'll find useful information in every chapter of this valuable resource If you purchase only one Mac OS 9 related book, make sure it's this one."
--Closing the Gap, January 2001

MacOS 9 MM "Mac OS 9: The Missing Manual is notably thorough. Divided into seven parts, it is likely the most complete manual about the Macintosh OS on the market today, and it is important to note the importance and breadth of information found in this Missing Manual to truly appreciate its strengths and its valueIn addition to a wealth of information, Mac OS 9: The Missing Manual also sets itself apart from similar books with the number and breadth of useful and informative asides.. Mac OS 9: The Missing Manual is a necessary resource for all Mac users. From the person buying their first Macintosh to the seasoned Macintosh professional, all users will learn how to make use of or better use of Mac OS9's capabilities. Mac OS 9: The Missing Manual not only explains the new features in Mac OS 9 but also helps users customize their Macs and use the powerful features built into the MacOS. Along the way, Mac OS 9: The Missing Manual will also eliminate headaches."
--Mike Swope,, October 2000

"Finally, there's one other replacement for the user manual: books. Veteran tech publisher O'Reilly and Associates, in cooperation with computer columnist David Pogue, launched a series of "Missing Manual" books this spring that aim to provide the print documentation lacking in some new software releases. The first book in the series, "Mac OS 9: The Missing Manual," is already in its fourth printing, an O'Reilly spokeswoman reports."
--Rob Pegaro, Washington Post Washington Post, October 20, 2000

"The book is so good, even Apple computer could not have asked for a better producttop notch authoritative with a an easy to read techno-babble free style that flows nicely and is understandablein short, 'Mac OS9: The Missing Manual', live sup to its claim and more. It is the missing manual that should have been included with my copy of Mac OS9."
--Rick Apodaca, Amigo Border Connection, Sept 2000

"a really solid user reference for getting to grips with Mac OS9."
--MACFormat, June 2000

"I can assure readers that Mac OS 9: The Missing Manual is an example of what a user manual should be: no waffle, easy-to-find information, clear language, and no padding. Next time you are in the book shop look for
Mac OS9:The Missing Manual and see the quality for yourself."
--Major Keary, PC Update, June 2000

"Apple users will want David Pogue's 'Mac OS 9: The Missing Manual'. The subtitle 'the book that should have been in the box' says it all."
--Jerry Pournelle, Jun 12, 2000

"At some point, the people at software companies decided that on-screen help files and animated tutorials were sufficient to convey knowledge to users, so they stopped including paper manuals with their products. Presumably, the decision had nothing to do with the fact that manual-free products cost less to manufacture and ship. In any case, Mac guru (and all-around nice guy) David Pogue has come out with a series of Missing Manual books. He's written the flagship volume Mac OS 9: The Missing Manual himself, and it ranks among the best how-to Mac books around."
--David Wall and Teri Kieffer,, June 2000

" When Apple released Mac OS 9 they proclaimed that the built-in online help was so good that you didn't need a printed manual. Mac OS 9: The Missing Manual by award-winning Macworld author David Pogue shows just how much Mac OS 9 users are missing through Apple's omission oPogue's humorous style combined with detailed descriptions and screen-shots direct from the Mac make even the book's more technical sections easy to follow. You are encouraged to explore functions of the Mac that you may think you know well--such as desktop window views and file lists--to uncover the hidden features and tricks that enable you to use your Mac more efficientlyy If you are new to the Macintosh, or if you have just upgraded to Mac OS 9, this book is an essential introduction to the capabilities, tricks and time-saving features. Even Power Users will be surprised to learn just how many great features are hidden away in their Mac."
--Daniel Jardine,, May 2000

"If you only buy one manual for your Mac, then this should be it! Everything you should know about your Mac is contained in this entertaining read. This is the book that should have been in the box with your Mac.", April 21, 2000

"Exceptionally well-written, very thorough, yet witty and down to earth. The book patiently explains, in detail, the how and why of every feature of OS9. It is simple enough for the newest users, but has enough information to satisfy power users. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn more about Mac OS 9. Rating: GREAT!"
--Freda Walrod, MacCORE, July 2000

"Mac OS9 : the Missing Manual is the ideal "one book to own" for not only newbies but also for the power user who is interested in looking under the hood. I found informative explanations for what I thought were strange phenomenon on my Mac."
--Avrum Lapin, SMUG, Sept. 2000

"For the new user, this book is a gold mine. It is the best book I've seen about Mac OS 9. Finding your way through it is easy and informative. Even the advanced user will find something new about Mac OS 9."
--Rick Stringer, Cherry MUG, Sept. 2000

"These manuals are even better then the "included" manuals of olde. You get an experienced author, one who knows how to communicate in a simple language and understands using the items from a users not a programmers viewpoint. Mac OS 9: The Missing Manual is one such book. Written by David Pogue (my favorite author of Macintosh books), it is well written and very thorough."
--Ted Bade,, Oct 2000

"One of the beauties of the Missing Manuals is that there is always something new to discover and the research is quite thorough...I kept finding snippets of information, in the way of Tips or Notes, that would give just that bit extra."
--Graham K. Rogers, Bangkok Post