Media praise for AppleWorks 6: the Missing Manual

"One of the beauties of the Missing Manuals is that there is always something new to discover and the research is quite thorough...I kept finding snippets of information, in the way of Tips or Notes, that would give just that bit extra."
-- Graham K. Rogers, Bangkok Post

"There are a lot of good books, but I keep returning to the Missing Manual series because they are inexpensive, easy to read and full of cool tricks and tips."
-- Bob Brooks, The South Bay Apple Mac User Group

"I have never seen a manual for any program, hardware or OS which is anywhere close to this series in its helpfulness to the reader. Anyone other than the well trained techs can find this book valuable."
-- Ray Bowler, Vice President, Des Moines Macintosh User's Group

"I have reviewed quite a number of Missing Manual books and I am always impressed with them. David Pogue is a Mac master and the depth of his knowledge shines through."
-- Roger Bernau, ACT Apple User Group Incorporated

"I would rather go without food for three days than miss any of the Missing
Manual books."--Al Fasodt of "The Post-Standard," June 5, 2003

"This is a bargain. Consider it if you're fed up with trawling through Appleworks online help files."--Mac Format, Feb 2003

"Do yourself a favor. If you use Appleworks 6 and you want to use it to its fullest, buy this book."
--Jack Dolby, Club Mac of Hampton, Jan 2003

"Provides the printed manual which AppleWorks so badly needs--not because it's unfathomable, but because it's a powerful suite with many features."
--MacFormat, May 2002

"If you have AppleWorks 6 and you intend on using it as a serious productivity application, you really ought to have a copy of Jim Elferdink's and David Reynolds' 'AppleWorks 6: The Missing Manual'...'AppleWorks 6: The Missing Manual' is a must-have for anyone who wants to get the most out of this program. At $19.95, there's really no excuse not to buy it."
--Charles W. Moore, Applelinks, May 2002

"I remember the first time I got a software package under the 'new' way--a fancy cardboard box filled with one CD, and the rest air. I was incensed. What a rip. For Mac and Windows users who prefer an alternative to the cost, bloat, and complexity of Microsoft Office, AppleWorks is the stealth office suite...And, don't worry about the air in the box. With this 'Missing Manual', you'll do just fine."

"Elferdink and Reynolds can save you hundreds of dollars by keeping you from spending money on unneeded software. How so? By showing you how to get the most out of the excellent free software that came bundled with your Macintosh."
--Peter Cramer, Macintosh Users of Delaware, May 2002

"Really good manuals (like the old Apple manuals) took pains to teach as well as to serve as a reference. The Appleworks 6 book in O'Reilly's Missing Manual series is truly a manual in this wonderful genre. In one way it is actually better than a manual; most manuals are part manual, part advertisement.This book, on the other hand, points out some of the nice features of Appleworks 6, but tones down the cheerleading in favor of an even-handed approach. It shows off both the strengths and weaknesses of this oft maligned piece of software."
--Bill Rising, Seeds and Stems, Feb/March 2001

"The best overall guide for AppleWorks must be 'Appleworks 6: The Missing Manual'."
-- Tony Williams, "So you'd like to Get The Most From Your Macintosh computer running OS X",, Feb 2001

"This is another very well done book in the "Missing Manual" series published by Pogue Press. As with all books in this series, this book fills the gap left by the manufacturer when they decided to not provide a manual. This "manual" does a great job introducing the reader to the features of AppleWorks 6, while at the same time providing numerous tips, hints, and time saving techniques. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is new to AppleWorks or who would like to learn how to use AppleWorks more efficiently. It offers a great index which makes finding a particular topic relatively easy. iBook-User gives 'AppleWorks 6 The Missing Manual' four iBooks out of five."
--Ted Bade, ibooks, Dec 2000

"You can probably tell that I liked this book. I recommend it to anyone who's thinking of shelling out several hundred pounds to buy some other 'integrated package' for their Mac, as a little time spent with this book may convince them that they've got all the productivity they need in their new Mac. This book will lead them through the basics for word processing databases and spreadsheets, together with drawing, painting and 'slide show; presentation. Then they'll learn how to integrate theses and take them further. It's a good read."
--Jan Wysocki,, Dec 2000

"The Missing Manual will serve you well in getting you up to speed in your new, powerful program. It's full of great information, graphics, sidebars, useful tips, and a good index. At $19.95 it's a must-buy for users of Appleworks 6."
--Chad Lang, The Window, Dec 2000

"'Appleworks: The Missing Manual' is worth the $20 street price if you use Appleworks....a complete novice, or computer newbie could take the manual and work page by page as a great tutorial.....the authors throw in lighthearted and engaging comments that read as if someone were talking to you...Do you want to reduce frustration while using Appleworks? Shorten your work time? For that reason it's worth it to buy 'Appleworks: The Missing Manual.'"
--Gay Johnson, The Peel, Oct 2000

"With its very complete coverage of all parts of this new multi-module program the novice Apple (Claris) Works user should have no trouble in putting it to work. Because this is not an Apple publication the authors don't hesitate in pointing out the program's weaknesses and offer workarounds."
--Don Ketchum, SMUG, Sept 2000

"'Appleworks 6: The Missing Manual' is the answer most of us are looking for. I know it helped me (and still is)...Bottom line. Would I recommend this book? You bet! Is it worth the $19.95 price? A big YES."
--Jean Peterson, Mouse Bytes, Sept. 2000

"Ten Tips for Using Appleworks 6...Tip 10: Get a good Appleworks book. Apple's included manual isn't comprehensive enough Appleworks 6: The Missing Manual by Jim Eferdink and David Reynolds."
--Dennis Sellers, Chicago Computer User, August 2000

"One of the beauties of the Missing Manuals is that there is always something new to discover and the research is quite thorough...I kept finding snippets of information, in the way of Tips or Notes, that would give just that bit extra."
--Graham K. Rogers, Bangkok Post