Media praise for Java Network Programming

"'Java Network Programming,' by Elliotte Rusty Harold ? Harold does a praiseworthy task of discussing, describing, and illustrating network concepts with Java."
--William F. Gilreath, IEEE Distributed Systems Online, Volume 3, 2002

"a good introductory text. Harold's goal is to explain fundamental network concepts in terms of the Java programming language and show readers how to use it to avoid the messy details of network programming?Harold admirably achieves his goal, and I recommend his book for self-teaching or for instruction in a classroom environment."--William F. Gilreath,

?This book provides a fine introduction to network programming using the Java programming language. It is ideally suited to the newcomers to the world of network programming.?
--Arunprasad P. Marathe, alt.books.technical, Dec 2001

"Important reference for learning about Internet networking with Java."
--Randy Tamura, Domino Web Development,

"He (the author) has an excellent writing style, so the concepts in this book are easy to digest. I've read most of it already and forsee getting a lot of mileage out of this book."--trailboss, Oct 2000

"A thorough, in-depth description of how Java can be applied to networking. For anyone with a serious interest in how the Internet works there is much of interest, and which is written in language that does not assume a degree in computer science. It deserves a wider audience than professional programmers."--Major Kearny, PC Update, March 2001

"If you need to do network programming using Java, you will be well served by this book."--, March 2001