Media praise for Learning WML, and WMLScript

"An excellent reference for those interested in learning the syntax of WML/WMLScript."--Bryan Morgan, Wireless Week, Jan 2, 2003

"A thorough, well-written tutorial that will serve as an ongoing reference to WML and WMLScript." --Major Kearny, PC Update, July 2001

"Frost's book provides newcomers to WAP development most of the WML and WMLScript basics necessary for just about any WML application." --Andrew Ghinaudo, Delphi Informant, July 2001

"for inexperienced developers, this could be viewed as the perfect primer for WAP."-Linux Format, June 2001

"So in the space of a single afternoon I went from thinking that WAP phones are complete rubbish, like teenage text messaging mania on acid, to thinking that WAP is the best thing since sliced salami. My real epiphany was getting a copy of Martin Frost's book
Learning WML and WMLScript published by O'Reilly. Wow. This always happens to me. I get the O'Reilly book on any subject and it makes it sound so interesting. It's as if WML is the flipping second coming all of a sudden. I want to code everything in WMLScript. I call people I know and tell them." --Phil South, Computer Shopper, May 2001

"a good introduction to programming your site to go mobile." --WebRefernce Nov 20, 2000