Media praise for Apple Confidential 2.0

Reviews From the First Edition

"The Apple all its drama"
--The New York Times Book Review

"Linzmayer gives readers a bird's eye view of the once high-flying computer maker...An excellent textbook for Apple historians."
--The San Francisco Chronicle

"Numerous books have been written about Apple, but Apple Confidential offers the most entertaining and complete picture...For Apple fanatics, not reading this book would be like a major music fan not listening to the Beatles. The same is true for anyone else remotely interested in the history of the PC and of Silicon Valley."

"rife with gems that will appeal to Apple fanatics and followers of the computer industry."

"absolutely a must read for every Apple fan"

"For the Apple aficionado, there's no better book to learn about the company."
--Guy Kawasaki, former Macintosh evangelist and Apple Fellow

"An irreverent work that captures the essence of that which is Apple."
--Gil Amelio, former Apple CEO

"If you've always wanted to read about Apple, from its humble roots to last year's blockbuster turnaround thanks to the hugely popular iMac, this would be a great place to start."
--David Hoye, Arizona Republic

"It's a wealth of information for anyone who feels passionately about Apple and everything they have done to help change the world."
--Apple Insider