Media praise for Security Data Visualization

"To those in the information assurance or network security fields, Security Data Visualization by Greg Conti is a must read title due to the fact that it represents the first significant text to analyze its namesake of its title. For those unfamiliar with the utility of visualization systems, the text provides excellent examples on the graphical presentation of information to aid analysis, and how human intuition can be far more effective than standard machine processing...Security Data Visualization is a must-have for any computer security professional's bookshelf. The abilities this book will add to your toolkit, such as being able to look at a visualization of your network traffic, and then being able to not only eyeball that you are being portscanned, but identify the specific program the attacker is using is nothing short of incredible."
-- Max Luebbe, Intenionally Obsolete

"The text is both accessible and comprehensive and the illustrations, most of which are in full color, are top-notch."
-- Sci Tech Book News

"If you want to be a top-notch security expert, visualization of large data sets is an emerging skill to master. Further, if you are into Search Engine Optimization and into the analysis of trends through application logs (such as the access log for Apache), this book may generate some seriously lateral thinking and motivate original solutions."
-- , Free Software Magazine

"Security Data Visualization is most interesting to people who care about network data (even if they don't care about security), but if you're into data visualization, there's a lot there even if networks and security aren't your area."
-- Elizabeth Zwicky, ;login: The Usenix Magazine