Media praise for Absolute FreeBSD

"This most excellent book shows you how to manage, patch, and maintain your FreeBSD systems and have a basic understanding of networking, system security, and software management. In other words, after reading this book, you will be armed with a strong working knowledge of how FreeBSD can be used as a powerful desktop or development machine."
-- John Vacca,

"Absolute FreeBSD, 2nd Edition is such an astounding product that I don't know how I've lived without it all these years."
-- willrich blog

"[J]ust go out and buy the book. It's worth every penny and more."
-- tangram, Linux/BSD: Sharing Experiences

"By far the best FreeBSD book I have ever owned..."
-- BSD Zealot

"I found also author's writing style amazing! The book is funny and serious at the same time... do you want an example of this? Read chapter four “Read this before you break something else”: it covers an important (and boring) field such as “backup and recovery” but with a funny style!"
-- Celestino Bellone, JUG Lugano Book Reviews