Media praise for Growing Software

"This uniquely pragmatic guide to managing software development in the startup or growing firm, is an "in-the-trenches book" detailing the necessary, useful and extraneous practices, tools, and documentation which govern the successful management of software projects...This is "the book" you need for successful management of software projects in the startup or moderately sized firm."
-- Ira Laefsky,

"If there was only one thing I could take away from the book, it would be the excellent Venn diagram on page 100 which shows the intersection of product perception by the three entities that determine its ultimate failure or success--Customer, Sales & Marketing and Engineering. [Louis Testa] offers a terrific explanation of what lies at the intersection of these sets and why it is important to understand each of them well."

"That’s the beauty of the book. It reassures the newly chagrined development manager they aren’t in a unique world of dysfunction. "
-- David Starr, Elegant Code

"...I liked the book and I would definitely recommend it to everyone who is in the same position as I am."
-- sp,

"...this book’s greatest value is focusing on how things work in small companies that want to succeed. I definetely recommend this book especially if you manage an engineering team in a small company."
-- Krzysztof Satola, Polish Adobe Flex User Group

"I wholeheartedly recommend Growing Software. I found it reassuring on those topics already within my experience, and enlightening on the areas beyond. "
-- Roger Spooner, Edinburgh Perl Mongers

"I’d definitely recommend this book for everyone who is interested in Growing his Software house, or being part of it."
-- Emad Alashi, Emad Alashi's Blog