Media praise for Cisco Routers for the Desperate

"Michael W. Lucas focuses squarely on TCP/IP networking in an Internet environment and does not detour into channelizing circuits, VoIP, IPX,Apple-Talk, MPLS, prioritization, or any other of the other features available in Cisco-land. He instead helps readers discover how to learn these things themselves."
-- Dale Farris, Reviews Coordinator, Golden Triangle PC Club

"For me, reading this book was like having one of the guys in my company who lives and breathes Cisco sitting down with me for a day and explaining everything I need to know to handle problems or issues likely to come my way. There may be many additional things I could potentially learn about my Cisco switches, but likely few I'm likely to encounter in my environment."
-- Sandra Henry-Stocker, IT World

"Michael is absolutely one of the best technical writers in the networking, computer, and security worlds. Plenty of others could learn how to write by studying his approach to teaching readers."
-- Richard Bejtlich, TaoSecurity

"...a helpful guide covering the key areas of Cisco Routers. Should be a good read in preparation for the desperate emergencies. "
-- Ganadeva Bandyopadhyay,

"This really ought to be the book inside every Cisco Router box or when the very slim chance things go goofy and help is needed 'right now'."
-- Robert Pritchett, MacCompanion, June 2009 Issue

"Keeping with the nature of all No Starch Press book, Cisco Routers for the Desperate is light hearted and playful. An easy read, as well as a quick one. "
-- Adam Barrett,

"...this book provides an easy-to-read introduction to some of the more sophisticated aspects of routing..."
-- Mike James, I Programmer

"The author and the book have a strong focus on getting new users comfortable in the environment, so if you are brand new to managing a Cisco router and need somewhere—anywhere—to get started, Cisco Routers for the Desperate might be just the right starting place. "
-- Scott Lowe,

"Cisco Routers for the Desperate, 2nd Edition, by Michael W.Lucas, condenses all you need to know about Cisco routers, and some switching down to a mere 125 pages."
-- Chris Durkin, The Unofficial MARS Blog