Media praise for The Book of CSS3

"I can honestly say I will never need another book on this subject, and I doubt anyone else will either. The Book of CSS3, covers it all and covers it well."
-- Devon Young,

"...informative and even witty at times but cuts straight to the point instead of being overly verbose. He does a great job of explaining each property quickly and getting to what you really want to see: the syntax."
-- Joshua Johnson, Design Shack

"If you have been interested in the wild world of CSS3 and wanted a one stop shop to help get your head around it, The Book of CSS3 is a great first stop."
-- Michael Larsen, TESTHEAD

"I absolutely love this book! Peter has an amazing ability to reduce the complexities of CSS3 into easy, and understandable verbage...This has become my new go-to reference for all things CSS3."
-- Gregory Zentkovich,