Media praise for A Bug Hunter's Diary

"While I am not a hard core C or assembly language programmer, I loved the book; I felt like I was watching over the author’s shoulder as he tracked down software bugs. This is a valuable book for a wide range of IT folks, including programmers, bug hunters, and support personnel. I think A Bug Hunter’s Diary would be a great addition to your bookshelf."
-- Tony Patton, TechRepublic

"What he [Tobias Klein] does do, and does very well, is draw a straight line from source or assembly to the beginning stages of a viable exploit. It is a very satisfying book to read and there are great bits of knowledge to be had."
-- Alex McGeorge, Nerd Problems

"I definitely recommend this book for anyone who is just starting out in this field and is interested to know exactly what the process of finding software vulnerabilities is like."
-- Chris Rohlf, EM_386

"A quick, easy read that was also incredibly informative. It was a pleasure to read and gain the insight of a security researcher’s world. I highly recommend it to any IT professional, especially those that are getting exhausted from endless patching and security updates."
-- Jason, 404 Tech Support

"A read of this book may change your view of computer software forever."
-- Stephen Chapman, Ask Felgall

"This book should be required reading for new software developers."
-- Steve Hannah, Steve Hannah: This Week