Media praise for Learn You Some Erlang for Great Good!

"A lighthearted yet excellent and comprehensive book about a most unusual yet powerful language. For those who don't know of Erlang it is a declarative, functional language with features to support fault tolerance, parallelism, distributed processing, efficient recursion, and hot code swapping. This language is available for multiple platforms including, Windows, Linux and Macintosh as well as being increasingly available for embedded platforms like Raspberry Pi and Beaglebone. Learning a language which while extremely powerful, and having many features is unusual in syntax and approach (two important idiosyncrasies of Erlang include a syntax largely based upon Prolog and almost all data types being immutable--e.g., there are no variables in the classic sense) requires a special sort of text which is certainly the case with Hebert's "Learn You Some Erlang for Great Good!" This excellent and thorough exposition truly meets the needs of a powerful yet highly unusual language. Special features of the text which go along with special features of the Erlang language include: excellent and humorous examples and cartoon illustrations, "don't drink too much kool-aid" footnotes which indicate drawbacks and gotcha's of the language, and irreverent yet important comments such as a chapter title of "Types (or lack thereof)" and "you should leave all you know about 'ifs' at the door." This is also a very complete treatment of the language and supplemental features and libraries such as the OTP framework and Mnesia database. I highly recommend this humorous and excellent treatment of an idiosyncratic yet powerful and fault tolerant language. "
-- Ira Laefsky,, MSE Computer Science/MBA, Information Technology Consultant and HCI Researcher | formerly on the Consulting Staff of Arthur D. Little., Inc and Digital Equipment Corporation