Media praise for Web Design for Developers

"...a good primer for anyone who would like to learn web design from a global perspective. From graphics, to color, to fonts, to HTML/CSS, and onward, Brian Hogan has written a solid little book that should get you off the ground and into web design, whether you're a programmer or not."
-- James Pyles, Million Chimpanzees

"This book’s title does not do it justice – it’s also a great book for intermediate web designers (just out of web design diapers) who want to take it a few steps further...If you are a web developer or web designer who wants to learn how to put it all together, this book does a pretty good job walking you through the process."
-- Stefan Mischook,

"All the essentials of web design are covered with appropriate references to how the aspects of design work in similar ways to how development works so that the person working through the book will have a far better idea of what the book is saying that anyone would have when first reading any more general book on web design - since the book draws on the readers on experiences from the past and relates the new knowledge to it directly."
-- Stephen Chapman, Ask Felgall