Media praise for Land the Tech Job You Love

"Take it straight from a hiring manager's mouth: Go get this book and do what it says! You might say, "But I already have a tech job that I love." My answer: You'll need another job one day. Go get this book and do what it says!"
-- Matt Stine, IT Book Zone

"Before you write your resume, before you answer a want ad, before you do an Internet search, read this book! It is full of practical, valuable insider tips and advise that will make the job search more rewarding, and most likely, shorter. The author provides many true and revealing stories about job interviews that have gone well, and those that have been disasters."
-- Michael L. Kleper, The Kleper Report on Digital Publishing

"...a short but comprehensive book--easy to read and full of good advice. Like every other book about job hunting, this one is not perfect, but if you absorb its advice and adapt it to your situation, it should pay itself long before your first hour on your new tech job is complete."
-- Richard Mateosian, IEEE Micro, vol. 29, no. 5, Sep./Oct. 2009

"If you’re one of those who has only a hazy idea of how businesses operate, or you’ve always worked with a small group of people you get along with and now you find you have to find a place in a big outfit, there’s probably a lot in here for you."
-- Jerry Pournelle, Chaos Manor, The User's Column, May 2010, Column 358