Media praise for Debug It!

"Debug It! is a great resource for anyone looking to learn the science of good debugging. It is entirely language- and platform-agnostic, preferring to focus entirely on the process and mindset of debugging, rather than on edge cases or command-line switches in a tool or language. Overall, the writing is clear and straightforward without being preachy or judgmental, and is liberally annotated with real-life case stories from both the authors' and the Pragmatic Programmers' own history, which keeps the tone lighter and yet still proving the point of the text. Highly recommended for the junior developers on the team; senior developers will likely find some good tidbits in here as well."
-- Ted Neward, The Blog Ride

"A step by step guide to the debugging process that is completely language independent. A must have book for anyone writing programs."
-- Stephen Chapman, Ask Felgall

"This really was a tremendous book, and I highly recommend it!"
-- Jim Holmes, FrazzledDad