Media praise for Metaprogramming Ruby

"Metaprogramming Ruby is the first book to give an in-depth and readable explanation of how dynamic programming works in Ruby. It is both readable and accurate and will be a valuable resource to intermediate and probably advanced Ruby programmers for some time to come."
-- Scott L.,

"...I must say the book is excellent, and has really opened my eyes up to the cool things you can do with Ruby. "
-- Robert Gravina, Robert Gravina's Blog

"This is a book that will take you from a Ruby novice to an expert, especially if you have migrated to Ruby from another language and are still using it as if it was another language. Even if you don't want to go too deeply into metaprogramming and don't want to actually make use of these "dangerous" techniques the book will impart enough deep understanding of they way Ruby works and its philosophy for you to be a better Ruby programmer after reading it."
-- Ian Elliot, iProgrammer

" excellent introduction to dynamic and metaprogramming using Ruby."
--Scott L.,