Media praise for Trucos Redes Inalambricas

"'Wireless Hacks' aims to tell the reader everything they could possibly wish to know about setting up and improving the security of wireless networks...Real-life situations are covered with some style...There are very important guides on how to make the best of wireless and squeeze the last little drop of performance out of equipment."
--René Millman, "SC," January 2004

"Altogether it makes a very useful collection, and a nice addition to O'Reilly's Hacks series...If you're doing just about anything with an 802.11x network, you'll likely find something fun or useful here...Overall, if you're the forward-thinking, range-extending, hardware-tinkering, soldering-iron wielding, average slashdot reader, you'll probably find it a fun read with lots of good ideas to offer." Rating: 8/10
--Slashdot, October 2003

"Radio as a viable method to link computers in the home and office has arrives. This makes [Rob] Flickenger's 'Wireless Hacks' invaluable. In a similar way to ''=Mac OS X Hacks,' which I received some months ago, the contributors to 'Wireless Hacks' analyse problems and provide workable solutions. It took me a while to write the review as I have been using the book saily since it arrived."
--Graham K. Rogers, "Bangkok Post," January 2004

"The O'Reilly Hacks series is the best publishing innovation I have seen in a very long time. This particular title is for the 'technically savvy' and will be of special interest to those with a pliers-and-screwdriver bent."
--Major Keary, "PC Update," December 2003

"This is a very useful companion to Rob Flickenger's other book on community networks. It is more broadly based, taking in such things as bluetooth and allowing your cell phone to do interesting things like control XMMS. There are a number of things related to Mac hardware too, such as turning a Mac Airport into a (simple) Linux router. Along the way you'll find out that an Airport is roughly the equivalent of a 486 with 4Meg RAM. The index is very if you're looking for something in particular, the chances are good that you'll be able to find it that way.", November 2003

"Maybe I?m a geek at heart, but I fell in love with this book only moments into reading the first chapter?.run, do not walk, to your nearest bookstore and grab a copy of 'Windows XP Hacks.'"
--Jim Gaffney, SouthWest International PC Club, November 2003