Media praise for ¡MALDITA PC!

"Regardless of whether you're a relatively new computer user, a power user, or a longtime guru, you'll find something you didn't know in this book. And you'll probably have fun doing it."
--Thomas Duff, Portland Domino/Notes User Group, March 2004

"Bass' writing voice is informal and downright funny: He tolerates no foolish code and urges his readers to do the same. The book is punctuated with screen shots illustrating a lot of the tips, and there are sidebars full of hints, tricks and potential pitfalls."
--"Houston Chronicle," February 2004

"The style of writing used by the author is light humor. That tone is helpful, since if you are looking for a solution to a pc annoyances, your are more than likely seconds away from snapping...You've got to love the Annoyanes family/series of books from O'Reilly, and in my opinion 'PC Annoyances' is the best of the litter. If I rated books (which apparently I am about to do) on a scale of 1 to 5...I give this one 5 googolplexes."
--David Burke, Coastal Area Users Group (Texas), Febraruy 2004

"One of my current favorites is a book called 'PC Annoyances' by Steve Bass...Bass Delivers on the book's title by zeroing in on a handful of the most common and most aggravating problem areas in personal computing. Using clear language and everyday examples, Bass systematically talkles such knotty subjects ad e-mail, Windows, Web srfing, Windows Explorer, digital music and video, and more."
--John Moran, "Hartford Courant," January 2004

"With a wide range of topics, there has to be something in this book that makes it worthwhile for you. Besides being a valuable reference when you have a specific annoyance, this book is also fun to thumb through. After the first couple of pages, you?ll
want to continue thumbing through to the end."
--Donna Milano, Mid-Hudson Computer User Group, January 2004

"Steve Bass's new book, 'PC Annoyances' is nothing less than a goldmine. Besides the fact that it's a lighthearted, easy read that you can tackle in chunks, it's also jam-packed with serious tips and tricks...PC Annoyances won't be gathering any dust on my living room bookshelf; it already has a handy home -- right next to my PC!"
--Linda Webb, Greater Cleveland PC Users Group, January 2004

"Buy this book and you'll improve your productivity. You won't feel like taking a sledge hammer to your computer."
--Dan Janal and Steve Leon, ShowStoppers, January 2004

"Overall, this book is well worth buying. At $20, it is fairly inexpensive, and is packed with things that will make your life less, well, annoying. If you don't have the time to sit down and read it, take the author's advice and put it in your bathroom. The only problem there is you may find yourself reading until your legs fall asleep."
--Charlie Demerjian,, January 2004

"This book will provide at least one 'a-ha!' tip that you've been searching for all these months to just about any PC user. If you use Windows--check this book out."
Rated 5 stars.
--Tony Bradley,, December 2003

"As part of my job as a computer hardware and software reviewer, I am always trying out new stuff - adding and removing hardware, trying our new software programs - what this really means is that I am always messing up my computer. This book is wonderful for getting my computer back to the rip-snorting power demon it was originally meant to be...If you are relatively new to computing or computers truly drive you nuts, check out this book. I found the biggest advantage of this book is that I can give this book to my relatives and friends so that they'll keep from bugging me for answers!"
--Internet Video Magazine, December 2003

"O'Reilly has done it again[--]provided the harassed PC user with the means of survival and return from near insanity...A mere $19.95 (suggested retail price) can restore sanity and order to your PC universe...I thought I knew my way around a PC until I read this book. Now I have uncovered many ideas, solutions and practical hits that I was totally unaware of. I can heartily recommend it to any PC user and only wish that it had been published sooner."
--Louis Calden, "Bits & Bytes Magazine,? December 2003

"O'Reilly has done PC users a real service by publishing Steve Bass's book and by making so many related resources available to everyone."
--Les Benson, Greater Victoria PC Users' Association, November 2003

"Steve Bass, PC World's resident kvetcher, has put together his first book on how to solve those maddening little glitches that drive us nuts. PC Annoyances is a 176-page volume packed with tricks - not just for Windows, but also for PC hardware, the Internet, and Microsoft Office."
--Brian Livingston,, November 2003

"Bass's tome hits all three criteria on Mr. Roboto's list, from the O'Reilly lineage to the recent release date to the 200-page length. Oh, and it lists for under $25. Golden."
--Brendan Koerner, "The Village Voice," December 2003

"[This] 176-page paperback is worth a look and is a good stocking stuffer for anyone who uses a PC...Bass, a contributing editor and columnist for PC World magazine, has a clear, direct and entertaining voice as he deals with the ways in which Microsoft annoys... The fixes he offers are straightforward and well explained, and the book is full of references to utility programs that may be downloaded from the Web site, which, he points out, saves $5 on the cover price of the book by not including a CD-ROM as is fairly common in computer books. Both novices and tech-geezers will benefit from the advice. Take a look."
--Larry Blasko, Associated Press, November 2003

"Jammed into 200 pages are tips, tricks and tirades that cover everything from codecs to crashes, Acrobat Reader to Zone Alarm, with humor and the kind of advice that will keep you running to the keyboard to try out each new pointer."
--James Coates, Chicago Tribune, November 2003,1,7045785.column

"PC bashers unite. Steve Bass has written a book. 'PC Annoyances' from O'Reilly & Associates is the ultimate compendium of everything that has caused us to take up arms against our computers...What separates him from other scribes that profess to know about everything PCish is his ability to put into words what causes our noses to flare and turns our brains into mush every time we have to deal with the one-eyed monsters that sit on our desks."
--Mike Berman, Scripps Howard News Service, November 2003

"Steve Bass has nailed so many headaches that he deserves to be sponsored by Anacin."
--North Bay Multimedia Association, November 2003

"Annoyed with your PC? Fight back with this smart, funny, indispensable survival guide."
--Ed Bott, author "Microsoft Windows XP Inside Out" and "Special Edition Using Microsoft Office 2003"

"If something bugs you (or, more to the point, your PC), check this book to see if there's a way out. Steve's light tone and spot-on analysis will set you straight, without putting you to sleep.
--Woody Leonhard, Publisher, Woody's Watch ezines;
author, Office Annoyances, Excel Annoyances, Word Annoyances, and Outlook Annoyances.

"'PC Annoyances' is packed with amazingly useful tips and tricks. Every flip through the book brings me to something useful that I'm glad to know and didn't before."
--Steve Gibson, security expert and author of ShieldsUP! and SpinRite.

"By concentrating on the annoyances--and the fixes--Steve Bass cleverly exposes the underlying richness of Windows and your everyday applications. Beyond boosting your own productivity and reducing your blood pressure, you'll be a hero to everyone around you!"
--Bill Machrone, Columnist and Contributing Editor, PC Magazine

"If there's one thing Steve Bass knows about, it's computers and their problems. This book is chock full of ways to put you in a better mood!"
--Jim Louderback, Editor-in-Chief, Ziff Davis Online

"Personal computers are the most annoying gadgets ever invented. Steve Bass's practical guide for taming these beasts is a must-have for all Windows users."
--Richard M. Smith, Internet Consultant and PC Industry Gadfly

"Bass is the smartest and most entertaining technology writer covering personal computers today. This book is a guaranteed cure for whatever ails your PC, from the big errors that can bring a computer to its knees to the glitches that are more trivial but no less maddening."
--Kevin McKean, CEO and Editorial Director, InfoWorld magazine

"Steve Bass makes even the most complicated PC topics simple and fun to read."
--Brian Livingston, editor of