Aaron Maxwell on the power of Python

The O’Reilly Programming Podcast: Using Python decorators, generators, and functions.

By Jeff Bleiel
July 13, 2017
Scaled architecture. Scaled architecture. (source: Pixabay)

In this episode of the O’Reilly Programming Podcast, I talk all things Python with Aaron Maxwell, presenter of the live online training courses Python: Beyond The Basics, and Python: The Next Level. He is also the author of the book Powerful Python: The Most Impactful Patterns, Features and Development Strategies Modern Python Provides.

Discussion points:

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  • The importance of writing code that others developers want to use, and how Python’s features (particularly its object model hooks) enable developers to write more useful code
  • What Python decorators do, and how the process of learning to write Python decorators can help a developer master understanding of Python as a whole
  • How Python generators are an excellent tool for implementing highly scalable software
  • The ever-increasing transition from Python Version 2 to Version 3: Maxwell notes that over the last year, the percentage of his course attendees who say they are coding in Version 3 has increased from 20% to more than 50%.
  • Python’s popularity is fueled by its use by people who are not professional software engineers. Maxwell says that “Python is a language that people who are not trained in programming can quickly pick up and be productive with.”

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