Intelligent Bits: 19 May 2017

AutoML, AI photo editing, AI product studio, and Apple and dark data.

By Roger Chen
May 19, 2017
Intelligent Bits. Intelligent Bits.
  1. AutoML — The Google Brain team successfully applied reinforcement learning techniques to auto-design optimal neural net architectures.
  2. AI-powered photo editing — The hits just on keep coming with AI for photo editing applications. Alyosha Efros’s research group at Berkeley helps lead the charge, following up on their popular CycleGAN work with their new deep colorization results.
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  4. All Turtles — Phil Libin, former Evernote CEO, has left General Catalyst to start a studio for helping founders build AI-based products.
  5. Apple wants dark data — Structuring and making use of dark or unstructured data remains a big challenge even as artificial intelligence technologies take off. Apple has acquired Lattice to address that need, perhaps leaving the door open for another startup to emerge and serve the broader market with similar capabilities.
Post topics: Artificial Intelligence