Intelligent Bits: 9 June 2017

Drawing with AI, Apple AI API, United Nations and AI for good, and smart oil and gas.

By Roger Chen
June 9, 2017
Intelligent Bits. Intelligent Bits.
  1. Teaching machines to draw — David Ha and other researchers at Google demonstrate neural networks that can produce vector drawings of concepts they’ve learned, much like a child who has learned how to sketch ideas.
  2. Apple AI APIs — Apple joins the fray and now offers API tools to developers for building AI applications, claiming superior performance and privacy benefits.
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  4. AI for good — Leaders from United Nations agencies, NGOs, government, industry and academia convene in Geneva this week at the AI for Good Global Summit.
  5. Space-grade AI for oil and gas — Big Oil gets into big data and AI as BP Ventures invests in startup Beyond Limits, which applies cognitive computing to industrial verticals like oil and gas.
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