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June 2, 2017
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What if someone gave you a map that already solved your problem? O’Reilly case studies, available only on Safari, are a brand new way to learn from the technology problems and business solutions mapped out by your peers who have been through that territory. Timely, relevant, and specific, case studies let you stand on their shoulders to see farther and get there faster.

Unique in the industry, only O’Reilly case studies feature real-world stories from both thought leaders and practitioners from companies like Facebook, Netflix, Disney, and many more. First presented at O’Reilly’s top industry conferences, case studies create the ultimate insider experience, giving you the best part of any conference as part of your Safari membership. No other learning product or service provides this level of topical and timely knowledge to help you discover, learn, and do.

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Find your solution with case study topics

O’Reilly case studies are grouped into topics that address today’s vital trends. Each topic features specific guidance from leaders and companies that have already tackled the issues you now face.

Topics include:


Derive meaningful business results in areas such as efficiency and scalability via better data analysis, just like Intel, Instagram, and QuintilesIMS.

Business Transformation

Change is a part of life, and business. Find out how LinkedIn, Pirelli and other companies are making the right decisions at the right times through data, culture, and collaboration.


Discover the secret to better performance and scalability via the cloud from companies such as Disney and FINRA.

Continuous Deployment

Learn how to deploy software updates, improvements, and fixes continuously—a must for a resilient and usable website. See how Facebook, ING, Flickr, and IG are making it happen.

Design Thinking

Get a leg up on how design thinking drives innovation and business performance at IBM, Intuit, and other companies, and how you can make it work for your organization.


Need to deploy and maintain software systems for today’s infrastructure? See how Target, Walmart, the BBC, and others are creating reliable, robust, and updatable software to better aid their users.

Machine Learning

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) augment human capabilities, leading to better decisions and products that delight users. Learn how The Washington Post, Baidu, and Stitch Fix are putting machine learning and AI to work.


Make the move to resilient microservices with the wisdom of those that have gone before you. Netflix, Fastly, and others demystify transitioning to, monitoring, and scaling microservices.


Get the answers to your mobile woes as you learn how Facebook, The Guardian, and Flipkart speed up and streamline mobile architecture and interfaces for their customers.

Open Source and Enterprise

Discover how open source is a catalyst for digital transformation at companies like Capital One, Twitter, and Joyent.


Studies have shown that time is, indeed, money. See how Facebook, Hewlett Packard, and Vox Media use performance to make their applications more efficient, effective, and profitable.


Scale is one of those “nice problems to have,” but it’s still a problem that must be fixed. Airbnb, Timehop, and others faced scaling problems, and solved them.


Smart companies make security plans before problems surface. Learn how Salesforce, Dyn, and Distil use culture, tools, and processes to manage security.

Technical Leadership

How do you build teams that thrive amidst constant change? Leaders from NBC, Etsy, and New Relic show how they hire and nurture new staff, how they lead their teams through transitions, and how they create organizations that grow.

User Research

Building great products begins with user research. Experts from Airbnb and GitHub share the essential lessons that drive their quantitative and qualitative research methods.

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