Richard Cook and David Woods on anomaly response, when incidents begin, and their first impressions of DevOps

An interview with Richard Cook and David Woods of Ohio State University's SNAFUcatchers.

By Mac Slocum
October 6, 2016
Penrose triangle Penrose triangle (source: Wes Peck via Flickr)

O’Reilly’s Mac Slocum speaks with Richard Cook, physician, educator, and researcher, Ohio State University SNAFUcatchers, and David Woods, professor, Ohio State University SNAFUcatchers. They discuss:

Anomaly response: What is it and where is it most prevalent? (2:19)

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How we can learn from incidents. (4:34)

Their inital impressions of DevOps. (5:43)

When an incident starts. (Answer: Earlier than you think.) (10:03)

Whether automation is good or bad. (17:38)

The people and projects they’re following. (21:36)

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